Barbara P. Bush 1925-2018

Discussion in 'Help From Above' started by JR Wills, Apr 17, 2018.

  1. JR Wills

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    Barbra Bush, Wife to George H.W. & Mother of George W. Past away this evening.
    No mater what Your Politics were/are, Mrs. Bush has left a Legacy for Many reasons, & not only for Politics.
    Rest in Peace.
  2. schlepcar

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    A very dignified and intelligent woman. We were lucky to have her as an American First Lady....RIP.
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  3. chucknixon

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    CNN has devoted the whole evening to reliving her history and a great tribute to her. They have had lots of folks who worked with HW during his CIA, VP and Presidential years all with fond memories of Barbara. Bush sons and grandsons talking about her influence and nickname "the enforcer". Wonderful woman, wife, mother/grandmother, teacher, and matriarch that history will be kind to.:(
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  4. carmantx

    carmantx Never Surrender

    Just heard it. Rest In Peace.
  5. Donuts & Peelouts

    Donuts & Peelouts Life's 2 Short. Live like it.

    :(, sad news when anyones mom dies.
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  6. Smokey15

    Smokey15 So old that I use AARP bolts.

    She was a classy woman without being 'stuffy'. Loyal to her husband and family.
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  7. 1972Mach1

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    A wonderful woman lost :( . Article I just read on MSN has this little snippit I found hilarious:

    Even in the final days of her life, Barbara Bush retained the sharp tongue that belied her grandmotherly image. When her eldest son, former President George W. Bush, visited about 10 days before her death, the two playfully needled each other in the way they always did.

    At one point, Mrs. Bush turned to her doctor. “You want to know why George W. is the way he is?” she asked.

    The doctor looked a little surprised. “Because I drank and smoked when I was pregnant with him,” she said.

    George W. himself relayed this story to the interviewer. Full article here:
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