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Discussion in 'Kill Stories (Where Hemis Never Win)' started by Richard Elbon, Apr 4, 2018.

  1. Richard Elbon

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    Not a typical kill story,but a fun and interesting one. Here in the NW was a a guy racing a 60s skylark wagon that ran low tens,455 on the bottle, with the front wheels dangling. On a Super-pro day I happened to be 5 back in line and watched as he ran another ten. Almost scraping the rear bumper. By the second round of eliminations I was in my ex prostock 71 duster,Hemi 4spd,513s 930s at 150(yea I had a chute) and came against this white wagon. I had to give 9/10s on the tree so I had the chance to see his launch. Up came the front andBOOOM. Hard parts were coming out the bottom of the wagon! I eased on down to the end and went to his pit space to see what happened. Total destruction. He was back the next Sunday with the long block replaced by some zillion mile 455 wagon motor that cost less than my valve springs and more nitrous. I was impressed!
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  3. Richard Elbon

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    Yea I’ve seen this vid, what it takes is money and dedication, the guy here in the NW maybe had 3 grand total in his car.
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    And here was Mike scaring the crap out of us in 2014...
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    Here is the street legal "Sportwagon from Hell" driven by V8Buick Board member Bill Lagna:

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    I worked for him almost 20 years ago and never saw that wagon move while I was there. Nice to see the dust blown off.

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