Anyone try SegaGT 2002?

Discussion in 'The Bench' started by Freedster, Dec 11, 2002.

  1. Freedster

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    I've got an X-Box and was debating whether to fork over for this one or not. I liked SegaGT on the Dreamcast (even if it was kinda easy to beat), and I like the graphics on SegaGT 2002, but I was wondering if anyone out there had bought it and thought it was worth their money.

    I'm also curious about the gameplay. How realistic are the physics? Are the computer drivers as homocidal as the ones in Project Gotham? How hard is it to beat the game in Career mode? How is the car selection? If you change your gear ratios, does it actually affect accelleration and top speed like it should?

    Thanks in advance for the info.

    - Freed
  2. tstclr

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    I bought an Xbox which came with GT 2002. Its pretty good. The graphics are very nice. The cars handle quite realistically (sometimes too real..) Things really shine when you get the hang of shifting manually. Each car behaves differently. You can win certain cars after certain races. I won some 60's rear aircooled European racer (looked like a BMW Isetta with 4 wheels). Apparently the prototype was fitted with a larger engine which required the trunk to be welded in the open position. The computer version is the same and although it is a slug, you can beat the faster cars in the turns. I have a neat early Lotus in my "garage" in the game that I enjoy using. One thing I didnt realize at first was you have to rebuild the car just as you would a real one- if you dont you'll find yourself losing all the time. The Camaro's and Mustangs handle like the real ones.. My only real complaint is the cars don't show any damage when they are hit-only the damage meter goes up and you are docked prize money for repairs. It's worth getting and you can usually find it cheap on Ebay. If you want a real good fast paced driving game, you HAVE to buy BURNOUT. The graphics are fantastic, and the accidents are amazing (especially after your earn the Kenworth Tow Truck):Brow:

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