Anyone buy a car through CarGurus ?

Discussion in 'The Bench' started by 69GS400s, Dec 1, 2018.

  1. 69GS400s

    69GS400s own amusement ride!

    looking to possibly complete the buy of a provate party listing .. CarGuru's acts as the escrow acct. and possibly the title transferee as well - has anyone been through this process and can flesh out the details a bot more for me ?

    Thanks 2004_gmc_envoy_xuv_4_dr_slt_4wd_suv-pic-70972369331526260-1024x768.jpg
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    I never had a 3rd party involved in a private sale like that. I am sure that they are charging a fee for something that the buyer and seller normally do on their own. I am suspicious of the situation.
  3. 69GS400s

    69GS400s own amusement ride!

    So - heres the "Cargurus" dealeo if anyone is interested

    Seller agrees to pay a "listing fee" of $99 (deducted from escrow - described later) if/when the sale is consummated

    For the most part, they are looking to sell cars from dealers (new or used) and have you finance through them - that's where they make their money.

    They use a website/service called "AutoPay" for the financial side of their transactions ..i wouldn't be surprised if they were owned by the same company ..

    For private sales like this, the buyer bank transfers the agreed selling price into an escrow acct. set up by AutoPay. Autopay gets a copy of the title and do a lien/theft search to
    see that it is a clean car for sale .. the seller then FedEx's the title to the buyer(autopay supplies fedex pre-paid label .. more waiting), upon receipt of title the buyer notifies AutoPay of title in hand .. they verify their status check on the title shows good - and buyer consents to release funds to seller.

    For me, this didn't work because they "hold" the money for a few days for "processing" ? and I needed to move quickly.

    It turns out the seller was not, afterall, contractually bound to sell through their process (although being led to believe so ..) and our transaction was done privately between us. For those interested - they way I proceeded was:

    I requested a picture of the title signed by them with my name printed in the "buyer" section
    I then wire transferred half the agreed purchase price
    They then FedEx'd me the title
    balance to be paid COD at pickup

    There has to be a certain amount of trust to proceed this way and that is where board member GSX10/10 plaid a huge role not only in checking out the vehicle but also getting a good read on the seller.

    Thanks again Scott !!
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  4. Mike Trom

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    So what did you buy? If you need room I can "store" the wagon for you;)
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  5. 69GS400s

    69GS400s own amusement ride!

    Nothing too exciting for most, but for me - the penultimate end to a 6 month almost daily search ..

    .. back in June, my wife had a little mishap (Evil-Knevil style jumped a road construction ditch) with my 2005 Envoy XUV where the side-curtain airbags deployed along with the seat-belt tensioner's activating the Safety Restraint System computer and "frying" itself as it is meant to .. also cracking the frame along the K-member joint. This Envoy is no ordinary one .. the XUV was very limited production on the stretched Envoy/Trailblazer GMT360 platform (with its own GMT305 designation) with only ~13,000 made in 2004-2005, having no third row seating and instead having a mid-gate that when up makes a fully weather sealed rear compartment and when the second row seating is retracted that midgate folds down making a voluminous cargo area with over 95 cubic feet of storage.. also, it has a sliding rear roof and instead of a lift gate it has a dual-action tailgate with retracting window!! Add to that the fact that is was equipped with the 5.3L LS motor, select-able 4wd with Hi-Lo, and a 3.73 limited slip rear (which also got you HD cooling..) with a towing capacity of 6400# .. and it was one of less than 356 made that way in 2005 (356 was TOTAL v8 production .. no breakdown of 4WD or 3.73 LSD). On top of all that, it was equipped with every option (including rear load-leveling suspension, Power pedals, Nav Bose radio etc - all except the sun roof .. all on a full frame-on-chassis design.

    .. I looked at EVERYTHING new or semi-new to replace it .. and could not find anything I liked or that filled its utility and comfortable ride. EVERYTHING that is short of a full-sized SUV (suburban/Escalade ESV/YukonXL or Expidition/Navigaor) has a third row seat (useless to me) and those that do fold the third row (few let you remove it) and second row don't have near the cubic foot capacity nor do they lay flat .. and those that do lay flat have huge gaps. We have 2 large dogs and go away for long weekends or for the week. I was thinking Suburban etc. but Wife said she couldn't drive a school bus ;) they drive like a truck .. and the rear opening height will be kind of high for the dogs to get in when they are older.

    Wife gave me the much coveted "Golden Car Pass" to go buy anything my heart desired (feeling a bit guilty about wrecking my ride I planned on keeping a long time) and I even looking at CTS-V Wagon's or better yet E63 AMG Wagons - but in my heart I just couldn't justify spending that kind of $$ for a vehicle that I drive 3 miles a day (m-F) and leave at the train station. Wife has a nice 2015 BMW 328 Diesel Wagon so we have a "nice" car under warranty .. and I have the Sporty and BigRed as play toys so I really couldn't justify another "toy" for big $$$ to sit at the train station.

    Soo .. I set out to find a replacement for my XUV, but it had to have Lowwwww miles, the same drive train package, and all of the creature comforts I was used to - not an easy task on a 14 year old vehicle with verrrry low production #'s .. BUT I FOUND IT !! only 46K miles, clean as a whistle, never winter driven, stored in a heated garage, and owned by an older gentleman who loved the platform as much as I do. Sadly, he passed away and his kids are selling it to settle his estate.

    .. to me, it is almost as good of a score as the Sporty - CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN !!!

    Yardley and I fly out to Denver on Saturday to retrieve it. After an 1800 mile roadtrip home we should be well bonded ( the truck and I, that is ..)

    2004_gmc_envoy_xuv_4_dr_slt_4wd_suv-pic-4345721823493723133-1024x768.jpeg 2004_gmc_envoy_xuv_4_dr_slt_4wd_suv-pic-5049852841805552684-1024x768.jpeg IMG_0926.JPG IMG_0933.JPG
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  6. 12lives

    12lives Engage! - Jean-Luc Picard

    :eek: We should warn the states you are driving through.... :rolleyes:

    "Yardley and I fly out to Denver on Saturday to retrieve it. After an 1800 mile roadtrip home we should be well bonded "
  7. Brad Conley

    Brad Conley Super Moderator Staff Member

    Ya know, ya gotta stop in Ohio, right??
  8. 71GSX455-4SPD

    71GSX455-4SPD Nick Serwo Magic Car

    Alan, I hope you like Greta Van Fleet. It's a really good album, but Yardley will want to play it for the whole trip. Not sure it's an 1,800 mile non-stop loop great album. LOL

    Congrats on your find! Hope the weather treats you right.
  9. 69GS400s

    69GS400s own amusement ride!

    we will be traveling at Ludicrous Speed .. If we haven't jumped strait to Plaid by Ohio, we will certainly call ;)

    Dude .. its only got a 6- disc CD player. I can winggg it out the window when he's snoring

    .. then again, its probably better than The Carpenter's Greatest Hits which may be the only CD I have that still plays due to lack of spinning
  10. flynbuick

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    It is cheaper to ship it.
  11. tufbuick

    tufbuick FUHGEDDABOUDIT, Y'ALL !!!

    To bad it doesn't have a Cassette player, I have an extensive collection of "QUEEN" tapes I'd let you hold.
    Maybe your ears are still ringing from the last road trip you took with me. LOL.

    f. mercury.png
  12. 69GS400s

    69GS400s own amusement ride!

    No Sir .. checked into it. minimum was over $2,000 for the 5,300# pig .

    2x $92 plane tickets. 100 gal of gas. 1 inflatable mattress that we hot-lap, and 7 stops at Taco Bell

    Ya know .. I was never really a huge fan back in the day. Then you brainwashed me locked in the GN for 16 hrs of non-stop Queen
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  13. flynbuick

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    Check a broker--maybe 1000 bucks open I would say. You may get a last minute enclosed for that from someone there going east who needs to find a car for an open slot. It likely costs you 50 cents or more a mile to drive it. That puts you at $900 plus $92 plus $92. Then, there are a couple of lost days, food, ect. .
  14. Brad Conley

    Brad Conley Super Moderator Staff Member

    No thrill in that Jim!
  15. ilikebmx999

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    Spirit airlines has its benefits. I did the opposite of you (and shorter) by buying a car in Chicago (don’t worry it came directly from Texas) and drove it back to Denver back in September. Nothing gets you used to a vehicle quicker than a 1000 mile trip.
  16. 69GS400s

    69GS400s own amusement ride!

    .. I missed getting the plane tickets for $62 a seat on tuesday but I didn't have the tags/registration in hand and wasn't booking a flight without them.

    It was listed on Sat. afternoon - I had the title Tues. afternoon, tags on Wed morning and plane tickets 10 min. later
  17. Mike Trom

    Mike Trom Blah, Blah, Blah

    We have owned 2 Envoys (currently still have an 08), not the extended version but we have had good luck with them. Not to big, not too small. If I could find a clean low mileage one I would consider buying it.

    Nice score, not an easy task to find one that clean.
  18. 69GS400s

    69GS400s own amusement ride!

    Jim - I have to take possession of the vehicle immediately as its in my name and I'm traveling out of country in 8 days and gone until Christmas eve .. and I did check with several brokers.

    Mike - in all honesty, as much as I love the platform .. after 9 years I was ready to move on. Then I shopped and test drove .. shopped more and basically walked away with sticker shock (even used ..) on nothing that fit all of my requirements; everything was a compromise so I decided not to decide on what was next and just pressed the rinse and repeat button ;)
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