And now for something totally out there

Discussion in 'The Bench' started by RACEBUICKS, Dec 12, 2002.



  2. Eric Schmelzer

    Eric Schmelzer Well-Known Member

    Thats great man LMAO
  3. Greg Schmelzer

    Greg Schmelzer What are you looking at?!

    Mike, that just went into my favorites!:laugh: :TU:
  4. BuickStreet

    BuickStreet Well-Known Member

    :rolleyes: you guys
  5. Dale

    Dale Sweepspear

    :laugh: :laugh:

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  6. 68special

    68special Well-Known Member

    i take that personally...

    I've seen both of those before. Having done a job for the pillsbury plant in TN (I do control systems) that stretched into a 3 month long nightmare, I take that personally. If I never have to see the doughboy again... :gt:

    I have a doughboy doll in my office with thumbtack stuck in its eyes, and I'm thinking of making a noose for him and hanging him from the ceiling. If I do, I'll send pictures...

    :blast: Scott
  7. 69GS400s

    69GS400s own amusement ride!

    My wife calls her brother the Pislberry DoughBoy - 6'4", and closing in on 300#

    I emailed him the link - just got his response

    :grin: He Wasn't amused :grin:

    My wife on the other hand, was rolling on the floor when i told her
  8. Yardley

    Yardley Club Jackass

    Am I missing something? It's just a finger tickling his belly, right? Or is it supposed to do something else?
  9. Dale

    Dale Sweepspear

    Do you have the sound turned up on your computer?


    turn up your speakers man!!
  11. Shortymac83

    Shortymac83 Not Your Father's Olds!

    Check out the oven! I saw that when I opened it up in English class and cracked up! Everyone started staring...
  12. bug_92

    bug_92 Active Member

    I knew you would like that email Mike as soon as I saw it I thought of you ......:grin:
  13. BillMah52

    BillMah52 Well-Known Member


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