Aluminum Buick Nailheads

Discussion in ''Da Nailhead' started by Mr62Wildcat, Jul 7, 2019.

  1. Mr62Wildcat

    Mr62Wildcat Well-Known Member

    Excellent information! I am trying to keep the intake and exhaust manifolds the same so these will be a bolt on application.... I will check out the heads when they are cut in half! (only one will be cut in half)
  2. Mr62Wildcat

    Mr62Wildcat Well-Known Member

    Yes, see the previous notes on the castings... yes, water jackets!
  3. Mr62Wildcat

    Mr62Wildcat Well-Known Member

    Can you tell me the valve springs/etc on your nailhead? I have been looking at BBC valve guides because they are longer than a SBC and they press in. I don't want the bronze guides, they will ware out prematurely.
  4. gsgtx

    gsgtx Silver Level contributor

    comp cams 26915 beehive springs and 795 retainers.
  5. riv1964

    riv1964 Well-Known Member

    They are OE heads, and were highly massaged due to the poor castings. If you look close, one chamber where the spark plug is has been completely redone.

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