Aftermarket Rearend

Discussion in 'Got gears?' started by CTX-SLPR, Oct 29, 2004.


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    well I think I'm going to need a custom rear end for my 65 Riv, its just too hard to find parts for the stock one, ie posi's and rear discs, not to mention the fact that the drums won't fit under widened stock wheels like I was thinking to put on the back. I've seen company's offering GM 12 bolts, Ford 8.8's, 9in's, 8in's, Dana 44's and 60's. Just about all of them come with Ford 9" housing ends so thats pretty constant I was more intersted in what would be a good match for a 3900lb Riviera making a max of about 650hp if I decide to throw more money at the engine? I'm leaning towards strange S-60 (Dana 60) or a Ford 8.8 with 9" housing ends made up for the stock suspention of the 65 Riv with maybe reorganizing the rear springs and shocks to gain more room for a 3in exhauste with the wider wheels.


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