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    Dom really ? I really did not want to do this but you were dishonest and left me no choice when you did not make things right. This site is for honest, loyal, Buick people. Did you forget to mention a few things on the car you sold me that need repair and replacement ? On a car that you claimed was SUPOSPOSED TO BE A FRAME OFF RESTORATION ? YES you did.. A transmission that leaks from every seal. interior sail panels that look like a 4 year old glued on. front suspension that had crushed and crumbled rubber bushings. A junk Carburetor, Vacuum lines that were rotted and damaged. Leaking Radiator. And then you give me the run around by not making good on the issues that I brought to you. VERY SAD . AND NOT WHAT BUICK PEOPLE ON THIS SITE ARE ABOUT.BUYERS BEWARE, Don't trust, AC Lazer. Then to top it off he states ''WELL that's how I bought it off George'' Chris
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