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  1. raresun

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    My brother n law and partnered on a trailer a few months ago. I have never had my car on a trailer so the question is what is the best way to secure it to the trailer? I've have seen using 2 fixed length chain/cable to secure to the front of the trailer and 2 rachet tie downs at the rear. Or, using 4 rachet tie downs at all 4 corners. Give me your experience and suggestions.

    RACEBUICKS Midwest Buick Mafia

    4 rachets on 4 corners. Thats the best way. X them from one side to the other for the best way to secure the car.
  3. StKing

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    Agreed :beers2:
  4. 70 gsconvt

    70 gsconvt Silver Level contributor

    I've always used 4 racheting straps. I secure the front first, then use axle wraps at the back. And I use the factory style GM "connectors" that slide into the slots in the frame up front rather than just hooking onto something. I think they're called transport t's.
  5. ricknmel67

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    :gp: Ditto

    PS.. Mike (Racebuicks) sells a great set of straps with axle straps. The straps are also shorter than "regular" straps like we would use at work for shipping freight on a flatbed or semi, so there's not so much extra strap to deal with.

    SS-TRUCK Stage 1 X

    I like using the T-hooks too . I use them front and rear . Easy positive hook up and unhook
  7. Keith Seymore

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    Open car trailer or enclosed? Just curious...

    I also tie the four corners down, but I use an overcenter type chain binder and hook into the shipping slots. That way there is not so must adjusting and ratcheting, it's just BAM...BAM....BAM...BAM and you're done.

    I think it is best to tie the suspension down (ie, hook to the frame) for two reasons: (1) If the car is "floating" on the suspension, then you will wear parts out. Shocks are working and getting hot, etc. Vertical inputs into the trailer count towards miles just like if you were driving the car. (2) If on an open trailer tying the car down takes the trailer/car combination and turns it into one "lumped mass" system. The car and the trailer are moving together, rather than the car bouncing around independently. That makes it more stable, IMHO...


  8. 70 gsconvt

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  9. SmallHurst

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    I got mine through Northern Tool. If you have a show quality frame, you may want to wrap those hooks so the paint won't get chipped.
  10. SS-TRUCK

    SS-TRUCK Stage 1 X

    I dipped my T hooks in black Plasti Dip . That gives a rubber coating so as not to scratch the frame and if any rubs off on the frame it is black anyway .
  11. raresun

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    Thanks for all the info. My brother n law loaded up this morning and headed to Chevellabration. This is his 66 Malibu. Kinda plain, but very nice.

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  12. Electrajim

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    Why is the "X" pattern used instead of the same corner to the same corner?

    Just curious,
  13. staged70

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    JIm , when you cross the straps the car is kept from wandering on bumps and such. The left straps pull top the rignt and front/rear and the right pull to the left front/rear make sthe car more like paret of the trailer instead of just sitting on top
  14. Dan Gerber

    Dan Gerber Platinum Level Contributor

    Any photo's of the T-hooks available?

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