a prayer for annie oakley

Discussion in 'Help From Above' started by wilburdean, Jun 20, 2006.

  1. wilburdean

    wilburdean nameless stranger

    i wondered if you guys would mention our fellow board member annie oakley(ann mcnew) in your prayers. she underwent surgery yesterday for an elbow replacement and i'm sure she could use a prayer or two for a speedy recovery. i thank you, and lord bless you.
  2. 12lives

    12lives Engage! - Jean-Luc Picard

    You got it! Best wishes Annie!

    - Bill
  3. GS Shari

    GS Shari Guest

    Annie's in our prayers for a complete and healthy recovery!

    Best wishes,

    Shari and Loyd
  4. Stage1 Jeff

    Stage1 Jeff Guest

    prayers from Me are coming!!
  5. pick62

    pick62 pick62

    May God bless you with a quick and painless recovery from your surgery Annie. Prayer is going out here.
  6. GS462GS

    GS462GS Well-Known Member

    Its hard to keep a good person down. Im sure she will rebound quickly. Best wishes to Annie. :TU:
  7. rex362

    rex362 paint clear and drive

    Prayers are with ya....
  8. kshrek

    kshrek just visiting this planet

    I had the privilige of speaking with her Sunday afternoon, she was in fairly good spirits all factors considered. She could be back home as early as tomorrow, but didn't know for sure. Sure isn't the same around here without her that's for sure. :ball:
  9. wilburdean

    wilburdean nameless stranger

    amen to that kshrek. i spoke with her earlier today and she seems to be doing very well. determined (hard headed) as usual, but a little tired. of course that is to be expected no doubt. said she may go home tomorrow, waiting to see what the doc says. i'm sure she'll be back bustin' our chops in no time. :laugh:
  10. kshrek

    kshrek just visiting this planet

    You got a hold of her today? how did you manage that?
  11. BuickBuddy

    BuickBuddy Registered V8 Offender GK

    Get Well soon!!! :)
  12. bob k. mando

    bob k. mando Guest

    pffft. elbow replacement? she doesn't type with her elbow! :moonu:

    c'mon Annie, we expect you to be checking in any moment now. :TU:

    seriously, here's hoping you come back soon.

    [Oscar Goldman]
    Gentlemen, we can rebuild her. We have the technology. We have the capability to make the world's first bionic woman. Annie Oakley will be that woman. Better than she was before. Better... stronger... faster.
    [/Oscar Goldman]

    wow, Annie with a bionic elbow. the mind boggles. :puzzled: :grin:
  13. Floydsbuick

    Floydsbuick Well-Known Member

    OK. Get better soon Annie!!! :TU:
  14. droptop

    droptop Julian Pressley

    Annie....Hope you're feeling better real soon!! God Bless You.
  15. MikeM

    MikeM Mississippi Buicks

    Ouch! Best wishes for speedy 100% recovery. Don't cheat on the therapy part.
  16. 70lark

    70lark Well-Known Member

    Hope your recovery is smooth and your doing well !!!
  17. Mister T

    Mister T Just truckin' around

    Been wondering where Annie was. :Do No:

    Here's to a speedy recovery :beer :beer The elbow that is. :laugh: :laugh:
  18. 68 LeSabre 4dr

    68 LeSabre 4dr Well-Known Member

    Best Wishes !!!!


    Geeze , We're on it !!! :eek2: :eek2: We're praying for ya Annie ! :pp :pp

    Get better soon .... :rant: :TU: :TU:
  19. Mike Sobotka

    Mike Sobotka Founders Club Member

    Speedy recovery

    Will send prayers for Annie, hope for a very speedy recovery, she will be out driving that vert in no time hopefully!! :TU: Give em hell Annie :Smarty:
  20. Rick Henderson

    Rick Henderson Well-Known Member

    Looks like with her new elbow, she ought to be up on the saddle in no time, cracking that whip!!! I talked to her tonight and I couldn't believe that the doc would let her out so soon. :puzzled:

    Get well wishes Annie.

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