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Discussion in 'Got gears?' started by lemans-tom, Oct 20, 2004.

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    I'm looking for some advice on an 8.2 axle problem. I've searched the web and as yet have found that this message board seems to be the best source for 8.2 BOP axle advice, so here goes.

    I have an 1969 A body Pontiac axle with open diff and I'd like to fit a posi. A fellow club member has a GM branded NOS posi unit for (he thinks) an 8.2 axle that he is willing to sell. He bought it for his 73 Buick but later found that it wouldn't fit because he has an 8.5 corporate axle, he mistakenly thought he had an 8.2. We live 300 miles apart so physical inspection is impossible and we have been communictaing via pictures, email and telephone. The box has 1#1394098 on it.

    The carrier for my open diff and his posi appear the same dimensionally except for one problem. On my open carrier the ID of both bearings is the same approx 1 11/16 inch. On the posi unit they are asymetrical, being 1 11/16 and 1 9/16, with the larger on the ring gear side.

    Does anybody know why they are different, what does this tell me about the source of or intended use for the posi unit and if anybody has any experience of this will it still fit my axle, say if the OD was the same despite the differing ID?

    Any help or advice much appreciated, thanks.
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    Send this to OPH a/k/a Roger from injun territory on this Board. He is the guru of rear end advice here (or one of them.) You can PM him and he will respond. He is in the business of rear ends.
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    sounds like the 68-70 Buick A body posi carrier. they had 2 different size carrier bearings. if you need an answer asap call Randy's ring and pinion service. they will tell you exactly what it fits.
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    the carrier bearing on the driver side will be larger than the carrier bearing on the passenger side on the 8.2. the 8.5 will have both bearings the same size.

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