75 Skylark looks good but....

Discussion in 'The "X" bodies' started by MeisterVanBuick, Nov 21, 2013.

  1. MeisterVanBuick

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    So drove the thing and the radiator blew > motor stalled but is turning over $$$ here's fingers crossed it'll run $$$ :Dou: The lights went 1, 2, stall so I don't think it managed to nuke itself too bad > I just needed it to move under it's own power so my landlord shuts up till I can save up for the motor in the worst case.

    I was driving though to chase a knock that seemed to move around. I opened it up > manifold off, plugs out, etc. so I can do whatever it comes up to be, etc.

    One lifter was a bit squishy, but what I really noticed was that the nylon buttons on the rocker arms were lose and the arms where really rattling side to side.
    I can fix those for 20 and the radiator for 104 but I don't know if it's worth the hail Mary pass.

    I think it's my issue as I ran it and pulled the wires of the coil on the suspicious cylinders and kept the knock (not rods at least) and the plugs are all clean.

    Any body have any similar experiences or should I forget chasing it up and slam in a vato-zone motor (1500) or dump it on craigslist? :ball:

    I'd take a used plant in San Jose, ca if anyone has one or knows a cheap shop that deals in used motors > i want a Buick but need to get it running or gone ASAP so I'd drop a Chevy, honda, whatever in it.

  2. wormwood

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    no idea.... maybe repost this on the street/strip forum?
  3. MeisterVanBuick

    MeisterVanBuick Active Member

    It was the retainers, thought it was something worse by how freaking loud it was, and it was back rattling:shock:

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