73 Estate Wagon found in desert

Discussion in 'Drag'n Wagons' started by benderbrew, Oct 24, 2007.

  1. benderbrew

    benderbrew Well-Known Member

    Well, for a while I was down to 5 cars, now up to 7 again. Somebody STOP-ME!. Anyhow, out near Mojave, I found a 73 Estate Wagon sitting in a storage area behind a bunch of junk cars. Got a hold of the owner and basically stuck this thing on a trailer and brought it to my storage. Check out the pics. Sand has basically removed the paint but it's a rust free vehicle, 3 seater. The dash board is outstanding, interior so-so, body is rust free of course, with only one very small dent on the driver's side above the front tire. Two of the tires were completely rotted but the thing has 5 ralleys, that includes the spare. I needed to stick some rubber on it for "roll around" and a friend of mine offered me four Centerlines with, and get this, 285/70/R15s, They fit. Car runs outstanding, who'd a thought!!! It came with a brand new Poston S-Divider in the box, Rhodes lifers, new in the box, a trans cooler, new in the box and you can see in the pics, one outstanding brand new gigantic 4 core radiator. There was some other stuff also. Hey, a dual snokle air cleaner...did they come with those...??
    Will probably give the vehicle to a young friend of mine who is really into Buicks now and putting together a few above stock 455s for me. Anyhow, check out the pics.

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  2. badbuik

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    Hey Len. I talked to that guy the other day, he had it listed on Craigslist. He said someone was coming to look at it (last Thurs.) I guess it was you Len. He didn't want to go lower that $400, and I needed a 455, so I let it go, and found a 455 in a junkyard in Ontario. Hope all is well with you.

    Gary G.
  3. benderbrew

    benderbrew Well-Known Member

    Hey Gary, glad it seems all is going well for you. Hope the fires didn't touch your good stuff down in San Diego. Ya, the guy had it on Craigslist and I got it for a whole bunch less then the 400. Heck the radiator and the S-divider got to be worth 400. Anyhow, probably gonna give it to a young friend of mine for all his good efforts helping me over the past 3 years. We need to hit the track, but what track Gary?
  4. 75Riv

    75Riv A.K.A. Harry Clamshell

    Nice find Len... seems like those clamshells are like magnets to you :cool:

    Do I see rocker panel moldings on it? :Brow:
  5. GoldBoattail455

    GoldBoattail455 462 -> TH400 -> Posi

    I'll take her! :pp Great find, please keep us updated with a thread. :bglasses: :TU:
  6. benderbrew

    benderbrew Well-Known Member

    Ya, virtually everything is there with the exception of a stainless strip, right side rear door. I'll let everyone know what's going on.
  7. boristheblade

    boristheblade Nutcase

    So, what are the plans?
    I ask because I need some parts :pp

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