73 Buick Lesabre

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  1. Red Skylark

    Red Skylark Well-Known Member

    This is not my car, but was sent in an email from my car club. Nice looking 73 Buick Lesabre, says original 43,934 miles. Call or text Leonard at 843-359-0101. Not sure what city but that is a South Carolina number, and we are from South Carolina, so I assume that's where the car is. Has it listed for $10,000

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    Is that the rare COPO Algae Green Metallic?

    Lol just kidding,clean handsome car!
  3. My3Buicks

    My3Buicks Proud Liberal

    looks to be Green-Gold metallic, kind of an interesting color in person. He is certainly reaching for the heavens with the price
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  4. Red Skylark

    Red Skylark Well-Known Member

    I don't know much about factory car colors, so I assumed it was. Is $10,000 way to much for this car? If he is like me, I always ask more when selling a car then I actually really want, so I have room to come down.
  5. My3Buicks

    My3Buicks Proud Liberal

    If it were an Electra or Centurion it would be more desirable. It certainly looks like a nice example and would be interesting to see if it is equipped better than the average LeSabre, I see it is a LeSabre Custom so that is a plus, it also has the nice road wheels and lamp monitors so maybe it the options list carries over to the inside. Tinted glass so it probably has air. I have seen beautiful examples of these go in the $5K range over the last year, this one could do better if the option list is nice
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  6. BYoung

    BYoung Stage me

  7. My3Buicks

    My3Buicks Proud Liberal

    Why on earth someone would put that steering wheel on a LeSabre? It is lightly optioned, the 350/2 is a turnoff. I was hoping for a black interior to match the roof, knowing Green-Gold metallic and the green the interior is, it would clash terribly. This on will sit for a while regardless how nice it is
  8. Luxus

    Luxus Gold Level Contributor

    Not my taste in color but it does appear to be a very nice car otherwise. The 350/2 shouldn't be a deal breaker, it's not that hard to swap in a 4 barrel. But yea, seems a bit ambitious on the price.
  9. Red Skylark

    Red Skylark Well-Known Member

    I like it, it would be something different at car shows. I would change the steering wheel, but other then that I would leave it like it is.
  10. Hawken

    Hawken Hawken

    Ya know, regarding the picture of the full passenger/right side of the car, if there wasn't a shadow in the pic between the lower body and the grass on the ground, you'd never be able to tell where one ended and the other starts ...
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  11. My3Buicks

    My3Buicks Proud Liberal

    I almost bought a Green-Gold metallic 73 Centurion convertible with with off white top and interior years ago, it was a striking combination, it was a 350/4 but I wanted a 455. I doon't think I could live with this ones green interior with that color exterior, I like oddball combinations but.......
    The Electra's with the light interior and top ot black interior and top looked really rxceptional in it
  12. Hawken

    Hawken Hawken

    My Dad had a '73 Olds Ninety-Eight in "Green Gold Poly" with black interior and top. I thought the Black trim made the green look darker (better to me) .... but it is a color some just do not like ..... until you get to "Heritage green".
  13. 66electrafied

    66electrafied Just tossing in my nickel's worth

    Interesting colour, not so interesting car. It's nicely preserved, but like the commentary above states, pretty lightly optioned, and just a bit obtuse. It's most certainly not worth as much as the owner feels it is, meaning he's still too attached to it to make a rational decision. It's either that or that steering wheel cost him a small fortune. It looks like Leonard is going to keep this one for a while longer yet.
  14. newmexguy

    newmexguy Well-Known Member

    Appears not far off from Chevrolet "medium green poly" from same era.

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