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  1. dynaflow

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    ...be glad when it warms up and I can get outside and stop thinking documentation...o_O

    Anyone have a clean hi-res copy of '71 revised form they'd be willing to share? Sloan had them, so I ordered one. Unfortunately their master copy had been altered. Boxes at bottom of form are overlaid with "colors/tops" info strip from above perforation...not what I wanted...

    Tire option F4 (WD1) was on 70 GS Order Form, but not 71. It was available in 71, I have a (late build) window sticker example. How was it ordered? My limited knowledge says things not on order form were SCO, and so far as I know, SCO sales codes were numeric. Is there something else on window sticker that identifies option as SCO?

    Anyone know ordering process? Since some things not of Order Form, and SCO stuff done at zone level, I assume everything was combined there to create finalized order. True? Is there yet another form or punch card?

    Wish I'd paid more attention when I worked at dealer...:(
  2. Mike Trom

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    F4 does not show up in the early factory price lists or in the "salesman's pocket directory". A revision of the price list from April 1971 lists the F4 option as well as in a later printing of the Salesman's pocket directory. Not sure if they just missed it on the order forms and price lists or if they were planning on phasing it out. I have seen an original window sticker that had "SCO" in the beginning of the option description. This was for a 14" RWL tire option in 1970 that was later added as a regular tire option. I have not seen SCO listed on a window sticker for any other option (not that it did not happen, I just don't have a factory example of it.)
  3. Rich Johns

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    See my avatar pic.
    This is my 70 GS Stage 1 convertible which was ordered with WD1 /F4 showing wheel and tire combo.

    This wheel tire option was only available on Big block GS 455/Stage 1 cars in 1970.

    However, it did carry over on very early production 1971 BB GS cars.
    A member here has a black 1971 GS Stage 1 hardtop with factory F4/WDI wheel and tire option.

    Later production 71 GS cars will not have this option as it was discontinued.
  4. Dano

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    That wheel does not show up in the early '71 assy. manual either. I have 3 different versions and I'll have to check if either of the others possibly have a late rev. showing it &/or if it shows up in the '71 Service Bulletins as an available option.
    I'll check the '70 bulletins too for the availability of the F9 option. My early '70 Stage 1 had them per Sloan Docs (you did the window sticker so of it says S C.O. for them per your example).
    Can you post a pic of the window sticker?
  5. Mike Trom

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    In 1971, 52 coupes were built with the F4 option (35 at Flint, 17 at Fremont). 4 Convertibles were built.
  6. LARRY70GS

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    Wouldn't it just be F7 on the 1971 order form? Did they have Super Sport Wheels in 71?

  7. Mike Trom

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    F7 are 15x7 chrome plated, F4 are 15x7 steel wheels. Super Sport wheels are V7.
  8. LARRY70GS

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    " I see ", said the blind man.:D
  9. buick64203

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    I know that option F4 and F2 were discontinued on the GS-350 in November 1969.
  10. dynaflow

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    Once again, thanks Mike for clarifying things. Figured there was a later Pocket Directory than mine, if for no other reason than to reflect April price increases. I discovered some of the increases while reconciling my options with example window stickers... don't know if got all.

    F4 was in my '71 Assy Manual (REV 11-20-70) as 43437-67 only. Don't know if phased out for '72, but example '72 order form I have does not have it.

    Your SCO/window sticker comment jives with my overall conclusions about how SCO worked. Internal use only, so likely wouldn't show at retail (window sticker) level. At retail, SCOs had sales/RPO codes and prices. Cowl tag was because that's internal with Fisher. Poking around Assy Manual, I learned there were more than just the 3 "asterisk" sales codes on wholesale order form...SCO was "*8" which (I guess) was how zone alerted factory this was a nonstandard order. Sales/RPO codes gave specifics.


    Don't think so, my '71 coupe example has a high sequence# 212159, even with today's world of high tech forgery, I believe it's original...

    Trying to reverse engineer this stuff 45+ years later has been both maddening and enlightening. Couldn't do without the collective genius here...
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