71 F-body disc spindles Questions..

Discussion in 'The whoa and the sway.' started by 436'd Skylark, Sep 21, 2004.

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    Ok, They seems a little redundant.. but after spending 400 bucks on a complete swap kit, A good friend of mine gave me the fully assembled, rebuilt spindles off his 71 Z28. As I understand, these are the mysterious "tall" spindles. I know that requires swapping to different upper arm. But what else??? Isn't there some Tie-rod action changes or something.

    The only thing I know that needs to be changed is the control arms. Which, A Roundy-Round specialty company makes the tubular upper conrtrols for a whapping 45 bucks a peice. for two assembled units, its about 175 dollars. not bad since the Global west units are $450+++ I was concerned if the arms were sufficent for the street, and the guy told me they were much stronger then any factory unit. Only difference he runs for street cars is a steel cross shaft where the race only cars run alloy units. I was pretty excited to hear that! :bglasses:

    If someone could give me some info on this, it would be appreciated.. Thanks
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    You will need different tie rod ends. If you had a disk brake car to begin with it should be easy from there. If switching from drums you have to change master cylinder and put in a combination valve. Also have to remove the residual valve.

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