71-72 A-body LED Tailights and parkinglights

Discussion in 'Group Purchases' started by Nothingface5384, Nov 30, 2010.

  1. Lee Bacon

    Lee Bacon Well-Known Member

    John ck your other thread.
  2. GSX1

    GSX1 GSX1

    I put my set in this past weekend very easy was a little tight with 3in
    ' exaust but not bad to do ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, They look Great

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  3. gsla72

    gsla72 Well-Known Member

    Any ideas on the front turn signals? Are they going to make those too?
  4. Nothingface5384

    Nothingface5384 Detail To Oil - Car Care

    if enough people would need 20 again..theres also another company that'll do them but only need 10
  5. gsla72

    gsla72 Well-Known Member

    I'll look and see, but i think I have a spare set of front turn signals I could send them for prototyping. I'm pretty sure they're the 71-72 style.
  6. angelorayhurst

    angelorayhurst Well-Known Member

    Yeah Chris, it looks like all Skylarks should have came like that! Very nice job:cool: Now my son is bugging the hell out of me, thanks a lot:idea2:
  7. V8Sky

    V8Sky "Scarlett"

    >>Anytime :grin:
  8. gabe

    gabe "GOOSE"

    I'd like "in" if these led tail lights for '71 GS are available. Please let me know
  9. gsla72

    gsla72 Well-Known Member

    They are. Go to digitails.com and they should be there. A bunch of us have had ours installed for a couple of months.
  10. gabe

    gabe "GOOSE"

    Thanks Logan!

    Tried going to the site...but it doesnt seems to work. is there another site?
  11. Racerx88

    Racerx88 Platinum Level Contributor

  12. gabe

    gabe "GOOSE"

  13. Ken Warner

    Ken Warner Stand-up Philosopher

    Installed and loving them.

    Just installed my new LED tailights and I'm very pleased.

    Took about 10 min to decide that loosening the bumper bolts and letting it droop/hang was going to be the way to go. After that install was a breeze. I had a constant hot running to my stereo amp in the trunk so I piggy backed it and was done in a jiffy.

    My only concern is that if something goes wrong with these you are DEAD in the water to drive home. Does anyone have experience with these type of tail lights and longevity?

  14. DEMO

    DEMO Well-Known Member

    A led specific Flasher is recommended. With the standard one you may get slow erratic or no operation.
  15. Nothingface5384

    Nothingface5384 Detail To Oil - Car Care

    One loader per kit...so when We get fronts made we'll need a flash loader for each end of car.
  16. Racerx88

    Racerx88 Platinum Level Contributor

    I've got LED front and rear, and the one "loader" works fine. :TU:
  17. citykid

    citykid Well-Known Member

    Is the tail light that different between 1968 and the 70-72's?
  18. bigce1972

    bigce1972 Well-Known Member

    I'd be interested too, depending on the price.
    I just bought a kit from digi-tails, for a '70-'72 skylark/gs that DOESN"T fit! Still waiting for a reply from them to see what they will do for me!
  19. Lee Bacon

    Lee Bacon Well-Known Member

    What year is your car?
  20. bigce1972

    bigce1972 Well-Known Member

    I purchased a set in Oct. 2013, just went to install the other day BUT they DON"T fit the lense for my '72 skylark!! I emailed, but no response, yet.

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