70GS 455 Build

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  1. beaty0527

    beaty0527 Kenneth

    This build has transformed over the last 4 years.
    I bought the car in San Antonio from the deceased owners son. The previous owner documented every bit of information about this car including every single fuel fill up until 1991 when it was parked. He bought it in June of 70’. It wasn’t the original motor, he had pulled it out and stored it along with the stage 1 motor pulled out of the 70 stage 1 car that was also bought during the same time. My original plans for the car was a stock restoration. I will upload more pictures as I get them rounded up. But as it sits now, it was a frame off, nut and bolt. I have done everything myself. A few slight changes made this turn into a pretty cool pro-touring build. A list of features include:
    -mild 455 with custom Fuel injection setup/ intake.forged pistons. Stage 1 converted heads. Etc.
    -Holley Dominator EFI
    Holley smart coils
    -Racepak smartwire
    - vintage air
    -Complete Wilwood brake setup/ manual MC, 6 piston front, 4 piston rear
    -tanks inc fuel tank 255 lph pump
    -aeroquip fuel lines
    - legendary auto interior
    - Holley Efi dash
    I haven’t decided on wheels but the billet specialties “prisms” or the 18” Buick rallye wheels from Circle racing.

    I know this is a list of parts but I will post pictures as they are installed. Everything has already started and I anticipate everything being done my March. The intake was the spark of this build with the offenhauser dual quad modified to fit the Holley LS hi ram. If you have any questions I will be happy to share my process and experiences with you. I am planning on being at the nationals this year too. I have way more pictures but I’ve had to take them off of my phone so I will have more photos.

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  2. beaty0527

    beaty0527 Kenneth

    More pics

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  3. beaty0527

    beaty0527 Kenneth

    More pics

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  4. beaty0527

    beaty0527 Kenneth

    More pics

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  5. breakinbuick11

    breakinbuick11 Platinum Level Contributor

    Great build, following along!!
  6. Julian

    Julian Well-Known Member

    Tell us more about the intake setup
  7. beaty0527

    beaty0527 Kenneth

    I took the Holley mid riee adapter and split it to match the bore spacing of the dual quad. Had to shift it about 3/8”. Then welded it all up. Bolted on the Holley top.
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  8. 455monte

    455monte Well-Known Member

  9. hugger

    hugger Well-Known Member

    Very impressive, kudos for thinking out of the box, I like the flipped non ac alternator bracket on the driver head
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  10. lostGS

    lostGS Well-Known Member

    Way cool Build.

  11. rdirks

    rdirks Well-Known Member

    Very cool.
    X2 on more info about the FI/Intake. This could be a cure to the ls bug I have buzzing around in my head.
  12. pbulski

    pbulski Well-Known Member

    Yea I gave in to the LS bug this year. Wasn't popular but definitely the right decision for me and what I'm doing with the car.

    What's buzzing in my head is how to retrofit my stock '71 GS air cleaner to fit the LS3. They make a top facing intake but I'm sure I'll have to get creative to make it all align with the hood intakes.

    Gotta make that happen! Feels naked without the awesome GS air cleaner
  13. BuickBullet

    BuickBullet Well-Known Member

    Very cool, really liked the FI/Intake.

    I have the 17" Rallye wheels from circle racing and really enjoy them. I think that they're timeless but the thinner sidewalls still give you a more modern appearance, and a more responsive ride. Also being aluminum they're relatively light!

    Just getting onto the thread again, excited to see where the build takes you!
  14. gs66

    gs66 Silver Level contributor

    Looks like a great project!
  15. StKing

    StKing Well-Known Member

    Any updates on this? I’d be really interested to see more pictures of the manifold during fab work!
  16. gsla72

    gsla72 Well-Known Member

    ^ Agreed. Also curious on the vintage air setup and bracket for the control box. I'm thinking about going a similar direction rather than deal with the old factory unit.
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