70-72 Tilt column

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  1. Ryans-GSX

    Ryans-GSX Have fun, life is short.

    Tilt column for 70-72 came from a bench seat auto car.
    $250 plus shipping
    PayPal friends and family or US Postal Money Order.

    IMG_1629.jpg IMG_1630.jpg IMG_1631.jpg IMG_1632.jpg IMG_1633.jpg IMG_1634.jpg IMG_1635.jpg IMG_1636.jpg

    IMG_0265 2.jpg
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  2. Redmanf1

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  3. StfSocal

    StfSocal Well-Known Member

    Will this work with column shift auto? What model car did this come out of?

    Inline after redman pending answers.
  4. Stage 2 iron

    Stage 2 iron Nice Chevelle LOL

    Came out of a 71 skylark custom I sold it to Ryan a couple years ago for $150 .
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  5. Ryans-GSX

    Ryans-GSX Have fun, life is short.

    Yes it will work with column shift auto. 1971 Skylark is what it came from just as Stage 2 Iron said
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  6. StfSocal

    StfSocal Well-Known Member

    Awesome thanks! I'll stay inline pending redman.
  7. StfSocal

    StfSocal Well-Known Member

    Gonna step out of line. This item is more of a want than need.
  8. BrianTrick

    BrianTrick Brian Trick

    I will get inline.
  9. Ryans-GSX

    Ryans-GSX Have fun, life is short.

    Tilt sold to Nelson

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