70-72 Front Disc Brake Parts For Sale

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  1. 72skylark3504

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    I am currently selling a brand new set of powder coated front disc brake calipers for 70-72 Skylark/GS. Complete with pads, hardware, and brackets. Set is brand new, still in original packaging. Does both left and front discs. Manufactured by therightstuff detailing in Ohio, a very reputable corporation for manufacturing the finest looking, as well as performing disc brake parts for muscle cars on the market. I also have a complete extra set of pads for them as well. Have no use for any of them. Inbox me your best offer and zip code, I will get back to ya.

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    Does this kit you have include the rotors, spindles, related bearings and seals, with booster, and master cylinder etc. ? Is this the complete conversion kit you have or is it just a partial kit that you have that has the just the stuff you listed ? Thank You. Bill
  3. 72skylark3504

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    Only the partial kit plus the extra set of pads. Not the complete conversion kit. That's why I'm willing to let them go for a fair price. Everybody wants the whole conversion kit because in your head it's so much easier to get the whole deal all in one. Well let me tell ya from experience. It's not. Same place I got the calipers from I had purchase a complete conversion kit from. Rotors, calipers, pads, hardware, booster, master, spindles, backing plates, proportioning valve and the few prebent metal lines needed to install. Sorry to say it, but the quality of the conversion kit was god awful. The parts were so cheap and poorly made, that everything but the backing plates was warranties THREE times in less than two months. On a car that hardly got drove. Right stuff is only place I know of who offer complete conversion kits you speak of. Used to work for them. You can buy from them or jegs and summit both carry their products. STAY AWAY. They make FANTASTIC quality and design calipers, but every single other component failed very quickly. If your thinking about doing a conversion, this is how to do it right. Purchase either the painted red or powder coated calipers, and front metal brake lines from therightstuffdetailing. (Getdiscbrakes.com). For the rest of your parts, NAPA NAPA NAPA. Go in and order a master cylinder and booster (they won't stock them but do carry them), then tell them you need a set of front rotors or a "71 Buick GS455". May have to wait a few days on those as well but many stores like the one I work at stock them. They are oem spec manufactured rotors for the front disc brake option of that year. So much heavier, quality, and better performance than the crap in the kit. Tell them you need bearings as well, get skf. Their the best. Then grease seals #17187. This is the only way to convert to disc brakes on these, and actually get the performance you should out of a disc conversation. If anyone should be interested feel free to ask questions, I am an employee of NAPA and can just shoot you part numbers.

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  4. laz

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    I'll get in line
    maybe interested will PM later today
  5. Bill9066

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    Thank You for the information 72SKYLARK3504. Bill
  6. 72skylark3504

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    Hello, just updating everyone that I was away from having internet for the last week and haven't been able to check my v8 or get back to anyone interested in the brake parts. Anyone who is still interested in the front disc brake parts, please message me directly. They are still available. First come first serve, just please message me directly. Makes it easier to send pictures and be more descriptive. Message ASAP if interested. Willing to give the best price I possibly can because I need to get them out of here before I move.
  7. 72skylark3504

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    I am finally able to get some pictures up of the items I have for sale. First picture is showing the brand new, still packaged, right and left front powder coated calipers supplied with pads. The pictures to the right are just clearer, close up pictures of the actual calipers and pads outside of their packaging. Sorry, Im aware the photo quality isn't all that great, but you should still be able to make out most of everything. If these photos raise any questions to potentially interested buyers, please feel free to inbox me your question at anytime. Calipers and pads were both manufactured by The Right Stuff Detailing located in Westerville, Ohio. They have built quite the reputation when it comes to quality disc brake conversion parts and kits for vintage cars. All of their products, including these, are covered by a limited lifetime warranty in defects in workmanship. The final buyer of these items will be provided with my original purchase receipt, so that in the event something were to ever need warrantied out, your covered for life!
    IMG_0982.jpg IMG_0985.jpg IMG_0986.jpg IMG_0987.jpg IMG_0989.jpg

  8. 72skylark3504

    72skylark3504 Well-Known Member

    Included with the set of front calipers and pads listed above, is this box of additional parts shown below. These parts are all related to front disc brakes/conversions on a 70-72 skylark/GS. In the box is also a second complete set of front pads!.
    All products are brand new, and covered under the manufacturer's lifetime warranty in defects or workmanship.
  9. 72skylark3504

    72skylark3504 Well-Known Member

    Some more information on the manufacturer of these parts can be found at getdiscbrakes.com. Here you can also keyword search by part number.

    I am selling part #'s BC15N, BC14N, (calipers). complete with TWO complete sets of front pads.

    Any questions just inbox me.


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    Hi Jayson,

    Correct me if I am wrong here but you have been saying from our first emails that you had a kit you did not need that was your personal property and not a kit you are willing to sell new via your job at NAPA at a discount?

    Either way, via or PM's and your internet issues I have yet to get any pricing on discounted new parts or the set if I understand correctly that you personally own and wanted to sell at the best possible discount over what you paid for my patience.

    Regardless I still have not seen or have received any actual pricing so what are we dealing with here please? A set you own or how to order a set through NAPA and regardless of either scenario what it the price please?

    Thank you,

  11. 72skylark3504

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    The kit referred to under Napa was just my preference as to what I went with for my rotors and a few other parts. They don't sell a kit. Just original replacement parts. I own the set of calipers and Extras you see in the pictures. Il sell all of it for $100. If no one is interested at that pricing I will just hold onto them

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  12. 72skylark3504

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    Sorry for the confusion. The kit of Napa parts were never for sale. They are on the car lol. The kit I'm selling is a pair of semi loaded front calipers for 69-72 lark or Gs. The only reason the Napa stuff was ever mentioned is because I recommend their original replacement rotors for these cars with disc brake options. so that I'd recommend using those with these calipers

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    STAGE III Lost Experimental Block

    okay thanks for clarifiying that my old brain dosent follow as well as it use too lol
  14. 72skylark3504

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    Pads are semi metallic. Only option available for these calipers anymore. Can't find ceramic. Bleeder screws don't seem to be in kit, but whole front bleeder kit can be purchased from Napa. Part #NOE 6751565. Is anyone interested in these? I'm also open to trade for other 70-72 lark parts. Nothing specific really, open to anything reasonable. If you have a cash or parts trade offer, inbox me. If no one is interested I will just keep them for my 72 lark resto project. Just Figured someone else could use these more than me. Planned on keeping the old drums on my 72.

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