69 rally wheels

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  1. txstratdad

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    I have some 14 rally wheels that are stamped 810 with trim rings. Are the wheels supposed to be chrome plated, with black painted webs?
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  3. txstratdad

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  4. txstratdad

    txstratdad Active Member

    These are the ones I have.
  5. racenu

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    I don’t think I have ever seen trim rings on a wheel like that, interesting!
  6. Mike Trom

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    69/70 Super Sport Wheels, trim rings were standard. Option code V7, UPC PA6. Webs were painted silver, not chrome plated (I believe?). The style of "Super Sport" wheels changed in 1971. wheel.jpg

    Buick did put a trim ring on chrome plated center wheels with a black outer hub in 1968. There is no documentation on this wheel but my car originally cam with them and it shows the trim ring and rim part number on the build sheet. Factory literature calls them "Chrome Plated Wheels, Type 2" Rumor has it that they ran out of chrome wheels some time during production and installed the chrome hubs on black rims and threw a trim ring on them. My spare is the same type wheel. I have the original order form for my car and it was ordered with the V2 Chrome Plated Wheel option with F70x14 tires.

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