68 Skylark problems

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  1. I bought a 68 Skylark and it has an issue that I am trying to figure out. The light switch burnt up and took out the ignition. I replaced the switch and the burnt wires. Before I started the car made sure the fuel pump was working. It was, but after I stated the car it ran for a few minutes then stopped. The fuel pump stopped working. Any ideals? The car is a 350 and has an MSD ignition with fuel injection.
  2. LARRY70GS

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    So it has an electric fuel pump? Where? Outside the tank, or inside?
  3. 1973gs

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    Start from scratch and recheck everything that the previous owner did. More than likely the fuel injection was added to the existing fifty year old wiring. I see a lot of cars that have been upgraded to fuel injection using the old wiring and when they have issues, they blame the fuel injection. The headlight switch should have nothing to do with the fuel injection, but having this issue says a lot about the integrity of the cars electrical system.
  4. Yes it has an electric fuel pump and it is located in the fuel tank. I can jump the pump and it works so it is something up front. It is the old wiring and that was going to be my next step to rewire the car. Just wanted to see if anyone had an idea before I took that step. Thanks so much for the reply's.
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    1st. thing you NEED TO DO is find out WHY the headlight switch burned up. It should have melted the fusible link at the starter for the head lights BEFORE causing wire damage.
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    Also check to see if there is power going to the wire for the fuel pump when switched on and look for a fuse in the line. I agree above about the headlights if the switch burned up you may have had a short somewhere which will burn again if not repaired.

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