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Discussion in 'Drag'n Wagons' started by Hawaii69GS, Jun 23, 2010.

  1. Hawaii69GS

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    Can I get some links for resto parts (int & ext) for a '68 Sky Wagon?
    Was looking for weather stripping/fuel tank or anything, but nothing pops up for wagons. Most state (except for station wagons)...
    Thanks for your help!:beers2:
  2. AMH555

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    Wagons are a challenge, nobody makes much unless it'a Chevelle and then just the seat covers, cargo covers and a few other parts. Headliners are easy since the places that make them have all the old patterns and make them up as needed, I know Year One has them for Skywagons for sure.
    You can get most of the weatherstripping from the regular places. I just finished a '71 Vista Cruiser and the Soffseal door seals fit perfect and settled in nice. My car is low mileage and I was able to save most of the rubber but have seen the door channel and beltline window weatherstrips for the Vista/Sporties in repo now.
    The tailgate and rear window seals are only sold by Pete at his Einstyn site. He's into Chevelle wagons but GM a body tailgates are all the same in that era, has some other parts too.
    The longer rear doors makes interior parts hard to find on the glass roofs, nobody made seat covers for mine and I had to have them duplicated at a trim shop.
    Hinshaws Chevelle or possibly Ecklers sell the side cargo area vinyl covers, pretty sure skywagons and flat top A bodies are the same back there.
    Fuel tanks are a major problem, you can get them for pre-'68 but nothing for 68-72 A-body wagons. I hear they're different through those years somewhere so careful with interchange if you find a used one from a different year. Mine wasn't too bad so I had a radiator shop boil it out and fix a few pinholes.

    Edit: I just noticed on the other post that the car is a Skylark wagon?? I guess you can call it a Sky Wagon but Skywagons are commonly known as Sportwagons and Vista Cruisers. There's is GM Skywagon club on yahoo for them.




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