68 rear on a 65

Discussion in 'Got gears?' started by skylark300, Oct 1, 2004.

  1. skylark300

    skylark300 Well-Known Member

    Will a 68 Skylark Rear-end fit a 65 Skylark?What do I have to do to make it fit?
  2. projectman

    projectman Well-Known Member

    It all bolts right in, you can use your existing brakes too. There are a few concerns though. Wheel backspacing becomes an issue because the rear is wider. I believe its 70-72 8.5 Skylark or Cutlass rear is the one to look for. Not 100% sure about the 68 but I do know it changes in 73. An 8.5 has "straps for caps" holding the u-joint, instead of a u-shaped bolt on your 8.2. Also (I think) starting in 70 or so the rear has two corners cast at the bottom of the housing. Its almost but not quite 2 inches wider too. Also the driveshaft will need to be shortened. I got the driveshaft from the car I took the rear out of, so it might already be the right length.
    Tomorrow if the weather holds.. I'm going to blast and paint the rear I picked up in the junkyard. I have an Eaton posi, master kit, and 3.42 gears ordered from www.markwilliams.com I've chickened out at the last minute and I going to have the rear set up professionally.
    I don't want the money spent ground into a powder from my ineptitude. :Dou:
    It will be a while before I get the rear back. I'm taking pictures and jotting down part numbers I'll let you know how it goes.
  3. skylark300

    skylark300 Well-Known Member

    Ok, thanks.

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