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    Got some bad news from my mechanic today, he was taking a look at a gas leak for me and noticed my front end is in extremely bad shape. Looks like I am going to have to replace most of the front end on it. He said a few years ago he bought a kit for his 66 skylark that replaced the bushings, control arms etc.... and that I should be able to find somekind of kit like that to basically replace/upgrade my current front end. Anyone know of a company that sells any kit like this? Thanks in advance...
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    front end parts

    Though I might be wrong, I would doubt that such kit exists for your car. The reason is quite simple. Yours is not a common or popular enough car. Don't get me wrong, as I have several full-size Buicks. I love 'em. Great cars. However, obtaining the parts is no problem. A local auto parts store (not some chain affair) should be able to obtain all the parts you need. Should they have problems locating any needed items, there are several alternative sources. One of them is Rare Parts, in Cal. Unfortunately, they do not sell to individuals, and you'll need to find a parts house who knows of them and will deal with them for you. The only part that should prove difficult should you need it is the center link. You may need to send yours in for rebuilding. Also, keep looking on ebay. These things show up there from time to time. Good luck on the repairs. You'll be amazed at how much better the car drives with new suspension.
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    Front end parts

    I just replaced the majority of my front end parts on my 65 lesabre,
    with a kit from Kanter auto products in norh Jersey.
    (800) 526-1096
    Hope this helps.
    Tom :TU:
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    Thanks for your reply guys, I'll have to try calling the number. Thanks alot to both of you again.
  5. kanter auto sells the complete kits
    1-800-526-1096 is the number
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    Thanks for the website greg, I appreciate it.

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