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  1. BigBlocksRule

    BigBlocksRule Well-Known Member

    I am trying to raise money to build my race motor, so I am liquidating my parts supply. All prices are open to fair offers and do not include shipping. Thanks for looking.

    Remaining parts left:

    PIC 1
    Radiator overflow bottle left orientation nicer one $45 w/lid
    Radiator overflow bottle left orientation decent one $35 w/lid
    Radiator overflow bottle right orientation so-so $30 w/lid
    Radiator overflow bottle right orientation crappy - free (you pay shipping)
    Overflow bottle covers $15 each
    Armrest chrome backing plate sets $20 /set
    Clock/Tach delete plate $20

    PIC 2
    Set of heavy duty Coil Springs $50
    Set of regular Coil Springs $35
    Holley LIST-3310 Model 4150 - $115
    Set 455 Air Cleaner foam (so-so) $10
    Set Coil Spring rubber cushions $5

    PIC 3
    Set of four hubcaps $40
    Window crank handles $2 each SOLD
    Pass side rear tail pc w/chrome 70-72? $30
    Heat shield $10
    Lighter $20
    Alt/Power steering pump w & wo air $50 each
    455 HEI distributor #1112985 6C 3 $50 SOLD
    Set of '66 rear taillight bezels $35

    PIC 4
    Maroon Sport Steering Wheel w/Horn Button - $175 shipped to lower 48

    PIC 5
    Lighted Rear View Map Mirrors $40 each
    Regular Rear View Mirrors $20 each
    66 Rear View Mirror $50
    Sets of rear bumper rubber cushions $5 each
    Sets of radiator cover plate rubber $5 each
    Skylark emblem $2
    Ash tray NOS $50
    Hood latch mechanism 70-72? $15
    MOROSO Cool Can vintage $40 SOLD

    PIC 6
    Door knobs $3 each
    Set of '72 Skylark/GS rear bumper rubber $125
    Set of white rear panel trim pieces $20
    Chrome plastic radio bezel adjusters $5 each 2 left
    Chrome plastic headlight pull knobs $5 each 1 left

    PIC 7
    Window crank handles $2 each SOLD
    66 Skylark glove box w/door $15
    66 Skylark hood latch & support bracket $15
    Rear View Lighted Map Mirrors $40 each
    Rear View Mirror mounting bracket $10
    Tilt or turn signal lever 68-72? $20
    Rochester 2 bbl 7026046 L5 2A 42 $25
    GM compass $40

    PIC 8
    Radiator puke bottle 68-72? $40
    Radio Plate 68-72? $15 SOLD
    Charcoal canisters $20 each
    Pr outside door handles $5 pr
    Pr plastic blue pillar trim $15 pr SOLD
    Bracket for air compressor unit $15
    Pcs chrome trim $25 set
    Heat shield $5
    Intake choke gasket NOS $5

    PIC 9
    Set (4) hubcaps so-so $20 set
    Pr outside door handles $5 pr
    Pr door hinges 68-72? $25 pr
    Dole Valve Co. vacuum canister $25
    Murray Defroster hose NOS #277944 $25

    PIC 10
    Pr 66 Taillights (R have bezels, L do not) $35 pr
    Frigidare Air Compressor w/hoses,brkts OEM $135
    Dipstick #1368546 $10

    PIC 11
    Valve cover oil cap chrome $10 SOLD
    Intake radiator water neck $20
    Plastic Buick Tissue dispenser $40
    Wiper motor plastic cover $10
    455 Fuel pump to carb gas line $25
    short brake line NOS $10
    Wiper fluid bottles $25 each
    Window crank handles $5 for all 4 SOLD
    Trunk lock hatch $20
    Heat shield $5
    Steering wheel metal firewall plate $15
    Bracket (charcoal canister?) $5
    Smog exhaust heat shield $5

    PIC 12
    Glove box door #1238959 $25
    Distributor cap brown $2
    66 arm rest pad $5
    Rear view mirror (no light) $20
    Pr intake manifold red heat shield brkts $15 pr
    Wiper bottle bracket $15
    Remote driver's sport mirrors $50/both
    Voltage regulator $15
    Clock delete plate #1232922 $25
    Clock delete plate #1383323 $25

    PIC 13
    Rear Defrost dash bezel plate $20
    1972 Lark/GS/Sportswagon owners man $20 each
    1972 Emmission Info booklet $10
    1972 Drum Brakes pamphlet $10
    Chilton's Auto Repair Manual 1966-73 $10
    Ash trays $5 each
    Set brown rear panel trim pieces $10
    Vent piece $5

    All prices are open to fair offers, thanks for looking!

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  2. Maintool-GS

    Maintool-GS Well-Known Member

    Interested in :
    Pr plastic blue pillar trim $15 pr
    Holley dual feed make offer
    Center caps w/white background 71-72 $20 each
    Pr blue 66 door arm rests $30
    66 arm rest pad $5
    Gran Sport emblem $25

    What size Holley & Part # ?
    Could we get better & Larger Pics, of the above List ?

    Thanks, Jeff
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  3. BigBlocksRule

    BigBlocksRule Well-Known Member

    What is your offer on all of it, and would you like any close-up pics?
  4. Maintool-GS

    Maintool-GS Well-Known Member

    Yes, close-up Pics. Also, Pr '66 Inside door handles $5 pr
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  5. rex362

    rex362 paint clear and drive

    Will take Item in pic #1

    *Plastic radiator hose straps $5 each...both of them

    Will take Item in pic #5

    *Set of cowl plastic 3pcs 70-72 $20

    Will take item in pic #8

    *Under steering wheel plate $15 / if its black ...looks black

    Will take these items
    in pic #13

    *Set of 2 Amber marker lights w/gaskets $20
    *Red Marker light $10
    *Ash trays $2.50 each ... your best 2 less used and assuming they are for rear 70-72 skylark

    Pm me total shipping zip is 60610/Chicago
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  6. mrolds69

    mrolds69 "The Cure"

    In line for horns pic 4 if they work
  7. ToddsGS

    ToddsGS Founders Club Member

    Inline for P. S. Brkts if 455 pic 3
    Throttle return spring? pic 11
    Distributor core pic 9
    Distributor core pic 10
    Horns pic 4
    Radio and headlight Knobs pic 6
    Wiper motor pic 7
    Horn cap pic 12 & pic 13
    Air cleaner elbow pic 13
    NOS G S door panel emblems pic 8
    Gauge pic 12
    Air cleaner elbow pic 13
    Horn pic 13
    Rear defrost pic 13
    Ignition Coil WITH Bracket Pic 11

    I believe I'm first in line on everything mentioned other than the horns.

    I'd like to call and confirm some specifics and after a price is figured out I'll get you paid up right away!

    PM me your phone number if you'd like!
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  8. BYoung

    BYoung Stage me

    In line for the set of plastic hood scoop inserts 71. Pic #6

    455 Air cleaner foams. Pic #2

    Close up pics of both please especially rear of hood scoop inserts.
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  9. Stage 2 iron

    Stage 2 iron Nice Chevelle LOL

    And Line. Picture 6, 71 GS hood grill inserts for $50. Are the studs in tact on the back of the hood grills ? Are the grills distorted at all from the heat ?
  10. Hawken

    Hawken Hawken

    In line for:
    - Pic 5: Set of front bumper rubber cushions $5

    - Pic 12: Amber front pass side marker light $5

    - Pic 13: Set of black Sun Visors 70-72 $60 (Would like to confirm if these are the correct material for '70 Custom trim interior?)
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  11. Brett Slater

    Brett Slater Super Moderator Staff Member

    In line for chrome valve cover cap in PIC #11, pending a close up picture and which number is stamped on it.

  12. BigBlocksRule

    BigBlocksRule Well-Known Member


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  13. Redmanf1

    Redmanf1 Gold Level Contributor

    Interested in:
    Valve cover oil cap red $10
    Valve cover oil cap chrome $10
    Quadrajet choke thermostat hsng $20 ?? For 70?
    455 Air cleaner elbow. Pic #13??
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  14. jonmil

    jonmil Well-Known Member

    in line for heavy duty rear springs and rubber cushions if they will fit 67
  15. honest03060

    honest03060 Active Member

    Hi BBR
    I will take pic 4 - brown under steering columen cover and any 455 Qudrajet linkage and lines you still have
    I need to put a Q-jet setup back on so anything will help.
  16. Bigpig455

    Bigpig455 Fastest of the slow....

    I'll take the plastic hose straps and the best mirror w/ map light. Please PM with shipping to 06119
  17. Maintool-GS

    Maintool-GS Well-Known Member

    Would there be any cracks & in the chromed plastic, or the blue Armrest Pads themselves ?
  18. BigBlocksRule

    BigBlocksRule Well-Known Member


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  19. BigBlocksRule

    BigBlocksRule Well-Known Member

    Let me know on the 72 bumper rubber and then I will get you a total this week, thanks. One does have a small section of the metal missing, but I imagine if you are handy enough you could bridge that well enough to work.

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  20. BigBlocksRule

    BigBlocksRule Well-Known Member

    Let me know your zip so I can give you a price with shipping, thanks.

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