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    A friend of mine picked up a 425 Nailhead out of a 65 Riv. He wants to put the motor and tranny into a 46-48 Olds sedan. I don't know what kind of oil pan to crossmember clearance there may be. Were there rear sump oil pans for the nailheads?

    He plans to convert the cars frame to a Mustang II setup if that makes any difference.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated!:TU:


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    Were the oil pans all the same or were there different ones?

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    Hey Guy,

    There were two pans that I know of. The Riviera uses a mid sump pan due to the "X" type frame. The skylarks use a rear sump pan since the cross member of the frame passes directly beneath the center of the engine. The skylark pan is not very easy to come by but can still be found, I am looking for a new one myself. You can check places like Ironhunter.com, he has everything. I hope this helps as there are no aftermarket pans that I know of.


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    Any idea which pans came on the full size cars?

    The 401 Skylark pan should be the same right?
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    I am not sure which pans came on non-riviera cars but a guess would be that they came with the same pan as the skylark. The Riviera has a very differrent chassis than other cars. I will do my best to find out for you, I have a friend or two I can touch bases with.

    Ralph Nicastro Jr.
    Los Angeles, CA
    1964 Skylark with 65' 401 CID Nailhead

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    Thanks Ralph - much appreciated!:TU:

    JESUPERCAT No Slow Boat

    Full size Nailhead powered Buicks ==== Center sump.
    Skylark, GS ===== Rear sump.
    Hope that helps

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    That does narrown things down - Thanks John!:TU:

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