'65 Lesabre disc conversion

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    Hi all,

    New here, have been lurking for some time and are amazed with the free flowing knowledge that you all have, which i find is awesome.
    I have a question, and after trolling the forum I'm having trouble finding the info.
    I am wanting to convert my drum set up to a Wilwood disc/calipers, however once the axle were removed from the diff I'm a little lost as the car has the factory rear end and apparently nothing has been changed prior to my ownership. There is no markings where the manual states and have read it should be a 8.2" 10 bolt however some data states it could be a 9 3/8 ??
    I've been informed the following, "Final drive ratio in your 8.2” B.O.P is 3.23-1" the axle to flange offset is 2" and the axle bearings have an OD of 2.890”
    Some of this info doesn't appear to match anything Ive read, mainly the offset? Would anyone have seen this before and have an idea if this is common?

    So after contact with Wilwood they can supply a rear assy with Ebrake to fit, however it has a 2.75" offset. The extra width is no issue due to the wheels I have, however I will have to get longer axles, approx 0.75", is there an off the shelf axle that would fit? Also the bearings, this size sounds like an odd one and is not common, are these only avail NOS?

    Regarding the front conversion, due to the "knuckles" being from the (65) and the 67-71 Drum Riviera's, (from the parts book) Wilwood have no off the shelf mounting, which is fine as manufacturing these is not an issue, however I would like to widen the track (due to the wheel offset) so does anyone have an idea of what hub would fit and move the wheel flange out approx 0.75-1.0" per side?

    Thanks for any and all assistance.
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    Hi racenu and thanks for the reply,

    After pulling the diff down and measuring all, it looks like I can fit the BOP rear kit from Wilwood, with some changes. I'm machining some collars to fit the RW507CR bearings as the AR appear quite rare and are very expensive. Also due to the offset currently being 2.000" I am looking at getting longer axles made, this will satisfy the offset issue (2.75") fit the Wilwood rotor centers and assist with the rear wheel spacers currently used. Wheels are zero offset (17x10) and require to move out to fit the guards correctly.

    Please see photos which may identify the the diff installed.

    Regarding the front, currently working on this however it looks like Baer rotors 13x1.10 on OEM hubs with shallow offset, then Wilwood FNSL6 calipers on my own engineered mounts.

    Here in NZ the laws are extremely strict on vehicle modifications so everything has to be certified prior to being used.

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