64 Buick rear axle faq??

Discussion in 'Got gears?' started by Me235, Feb 20, 2018.

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    I've been trying to search for awhile, I'm. Just curious if there is a Buick Bible or faq section that breaks down what rear ends the older Buicks had. I've gathered that my 64 lesabre should have a drop out Buick 9 3/8, but what I'm looking for is what gears came in what rigs, what width 9 3/8s came in rigs, what other cars rear ends are interchangable with my lesabre, so on and so fourth. Any info I the right direction would be awesome!
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    The parts books for 64 show ratios from 2.56 to 4.45 with many ratios in between. Without the factory build sheet there is no way to tell what ratio came in your car. I recall that a 64 LeSabre could have come with a 300 cid or a 401 cid Buick engine. This would likely affect the standard rear gear set up from the factory. Usually, the factory transmission, manual or automatic, affects the standard rear gear ratio. Whether the car came with a performance or towing gear option also affects the factory rear gear ratio.
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    Yea I know what gears I have. Just from the spinning and counting method lol. My big curiosity is, what other cars can I get gears out of for mine, and also what other complete rear ends will bolt into my car. Are there any that will bolt in that are a inch or 2 narrower than a lesabre rear?
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    Any Buick car you can get the third member hog head from in 1963 64 65 with 30 spline axles. As far as complete housing width interchange...??? I do not know I certainly can say usually Riv is out

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