62 Skylark with Dual Path shifting problems

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    WV-MADMAN Well-Known Member

    Ive been fixing a barn find 62 Skylark with a 215/dual path 2-speed.
    First and reverse work but it doesn't shift into hi gear.
    I can find very little info on this weird tiny tranny.
    I know that ''high gear'' is really a lockup converter and 1st/reverse share a gear set and clutches, but how it shifts is a complete mystery.
    Does anyone here know enough about this trans to give insight into why its not shifting?
  2. telriv

    telriv Well-Known Member

    Check the modulator valve IF it even has one or a loose or broken vacuum hose going to the modulator valve. Just looked in my parts book & there is no mention of a modulator valve in it or no mention of a valve in the parts section. I'll look in my labor book to look for the troubleshooting guide. I looked in the trans. rebuild section. Things mentioned were the linkage adjust being stuck or binding. But I don't think that's the problem as your not complaining about a sticky or stiff gas pedal. Unless the rod feel off & holding the lever in the WOT position.
    Could also be a dirty governor which can be removed, cleaned & tested. IF none of the easy things/check OK then the valve body needs to come out & cleaned. At this point it will have to go to a trans. shop. That can pull the valve body to clean it or the trans. needs an overhaul. IF you DO take it to a trans. shop the 1st. thing you should ask "do they KNOW or ever heard about a Buick dual path trans". Their answer will be obvious IF they say what????
    UNLESS you are mechanically inclined to be able to tackle the job yourself. If you need to you can buy a book on rebuilding this trans.

    Tom T.

    WV-MADMAN Well-Known Member

    Well.... Turns out the torque converter clutches were fried, like wow did someone use a torch in here bad.
    I had another trans from a '63 that I had no idea if it was good I just got it with an engine.
    So I pulled the pan and valve body of the '63 trans to look for anything wrong and spotted a snap ring out of groove on a piston and wouldn't you know its the far rear one at the tail shaft!
    Well crap, I figured there's no metal in the pan so fixing the snap ring was my best option.
    I tore down the '62 trans for a crash course on how the things work, because Ive only ever seen 2 of these and its these 2 lol.
    after seeing how everything went together, I tore into the '63 trans and overhauled it.
    It was in really good shape, I have no idea why the snap ring was popped.
    I have to say Im happy with the work I accomplished, I did all that in a day...today infact, and drove the car home!

    9am-6pm pulled trans, tore down and inspected =condemned, tore down and inspected second trans =repairable, full disassembly of first trans for crash course of design, overhaul and repair of second trans, install repaired trans and test drive =passed.

    Reminded me of my Flat-Rate tech days lol
  4. regal81455

    regal81455 Well-Known Member

    You didn't happen to take any pics of your time inside them did you? I have a 61 SKY that has no issues but I know these have weak transmissions so any info you can share would be awesome for future reference. TIA

    WV-MADMAN Well-Known Member

    A few but nothing technical.
    Just some of scattered parts to send my brother to compare weekend projects.
    Figuring out the torque converter was the only real oddity, the fact you have to split it and remove a snap-ring to remove the T/C housing and get to the pump is the only big curve ball.
    And don't remove the pump without standing the trans straight up, the apply clutches use.... idk...fingers? paddles?, little steel levers that are only held in place by the pressure on them, so pull the pump at an angle and they just fall.
    Found that out the hard way lol
    Other than that if you know how auto transmissions work its broadly similar to any other auto trans, plates, shims, steels, clutches, bearings, pistons, springs, gears, snap rings, all stacked in the proper order.
  6. regal81455

    regal81455 Well-Known Member

    Gotcha- well thanks for replying - the info provided is valuable and appreciated! If I ever need this info ( Xing my fingers no ) at least I'll be the wiser.

    Tx again!

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