62 Buick 215 (disassembled, but mostly complete) Free

Discussion in '"Pay It Forward"' started by TangoHotel, Oct 21, 2014.

  1. TangoHotel

    TangoHotel New Member

    I live near Austin Texas and have been dragging a 62 215 2 barrel around the world with me for the past 28 years. The heads were rebuilt. I have just about everything minus the carb. When I got the engine it had 40,000 miles on it, but it had been sitting for quite a while. I lightly honed it and put new rings in it. Again it is apart. I am not interested in sending out piece by piece. Come and get all of it.

    I would like to give it to someone else, rather than throw it away. Just come and get it. I will post some pictures this evening if anyone is interested.

  2. Troy Noble

    Troy Noble Well-Known Member

    i assume the 215 is gone?

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