6/20/09~16th Annual All Buick Open Puyallup, Wa

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    16th Annual All Buick "Open" Car Show. Hosted by the Puget Sound Chapter, BCA. This annual event is held in conjunction with the City of Puyallup's Meeker Days Festival. Peer judging in over 20 classes, with awards for 1st, 2nd, 3rd place. Show hours: 8:00A.M.-5:00P.M. Parking begines at 8A.M. so get there early. Early registration is encouraged, as we always get well over 100 cars. T-shirts available, raffle, and popcorn. Lots to do for the family. Cost: Pre-resistration BCA members $12; non-BCA Members $14; and $15 at the door.
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    Alex welcome aboard its a great site, the show is already posted here.
    Lots of good people and information here. You will find that you already know a few of them too.

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