57 Special 2 Door Sedan

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    Aaaaaand another 57. I think they're growing on trees here.

    This was supposed to be a favor for a friend who had his car painted by a guy that must have been half blind. I later found out the painter was having some health issues and his nephew was helping him do some work.

    He had me come check the car out at his house to see if I could do anything with it before tossing everything out the window and starting over. I noticed many spots where the clear coat was really thin and created what appeared to be orange peel...and it was really severe in some spots, and light in others. I also noticed thin base coat below the clear. The car had been color sanded and half-ass buffed. I agreed to take the car and do a thorough cut and buff to see if we could save the paint.

    Fast forward to last weekend, I had it completed. The paint was a solid 6 out of 10. It looked GREAT from 10 feet, but as you got closer, you could still see that thin clear and crappy base coat coverage. The decision was made to stick the car back in the garage and completely repaint it.

    Both doors had cracks in the door skin right where the vent window corner is...so those had to be welded and smoothed. There were several high spots in the roof. Several dents that were missed on the first repaint. Chips all over the place. The hood was really poorly aligned, and as a result, was hitting the passenger side fender.

    This evening, I was finally able to shoot some paint on it. I'll have some photos of it in clear tomorrow after I can get it into the driveway to bake a bit.

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    Now I stuff it into the home garage to cure for a month while I work on the 57 Roadmaster coupe....

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