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  1. John Codman

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    Don't know about '59, but in '55 the junior Buicks and Oldsmobiles also shared trunk lids. Cadillac used some Fleetwood bodies, hence the model name Fleetwood.
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    What's the verdict? Are you going to get the 55?
  3. Richard Elbon

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    Definitely not me,got enough projects
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  4. bhambulldog

    bhambulldog 1955 76-RoadmasterRiviera

    The Century has a higher trim level and more standard features than the Super.

    So, price wise (new) they are numbered according to hierarchy;
    40 Special
    60 Century
    70 Roadmaster

    Some years , Roadmaster was 80 series.
    Limteds were 90 series.

    1954 Skylark was 100 Series (seperate series)
    1953 Skylark was 76X (Roadmaster)

    1948-1954; only Roadmaster had four holes. All others had three. (except Skylark had none)

    1955-1957, Special had three holes, all others had four
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  5. Richard Elbon

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    The difference between the body styles or sizes is subjective. A really nice special to me is just as desirable as a really nice roadmaster. To non Buick folks a Roadmaster/Super going down the road looks the same as a same year Special/Century. It’s an old Buick to them.Here in the NW my 53 Super looks very similar to a local guys Special. Almost same color,I didn’t know what the difference was till my buddy pointed to the larger physical size of the Super. I still like em all.

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