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    Mistakes and lies are not the same thing. I've seen blatant errors in Buick shop manuals, and they designed, engineered & built the vehicles.
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    Thats crazy, can you give a quick example?
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    B-59 shop manual diagram of the centerlink- when Buick/GM felt that a centerlink should be hollowed out & stuffed with cups n springs n spacers n things... the exploded view diagram is incorrect on a number of details, like showing 2 springs in one side where there is only 1. Putting it back together requires very careful alignment or you can't ensure proper lubrication or get the end retaining cotter pins in. If they bother to show an exploded view, it should be technically correct.
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    Another question about the 57 models. I recently became the owner of a 57 Century 4 door hardtop. The outside of the car is nearly perfect, but the interior has been taken out and now is in about a million pieces lying on the floor and in the trunk. The original seats are missing. Does anyone know which original Buick seats & mounting brackets interchange with this specific year & model? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    I haven't reread all of the posts, but the answer is yes - sort of. The 264-322 will not bolt to a THM 400, The later engines (as I said earlier) will, but the THM-400 must have a Nailhead-specific case. Their may be an adapter available to adapt the smaller Nails to a Chevy THM 400 case. An outfit named Brendtsen's (spl?) makes all sorts of weird adapters - almost all to Chevy case transmissions. The Nailhead (425) in my Buchev pickup has a Brendtsen's adapter. The pickup has a 700R4.
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    Randy: Your 57 Century 4 door shares the same body dimensions as all the Special model line but not the Super nor Roadmaster model lines as they were wider. Incidentally, the Special and Century lines are referred to as the junior series line and the Super and Roadmasters were called the senior series line. Also, Pontiac and Chevrolets of the 57 year line-up share the same B body internal width dimensions so it is my understanding that seats out of those cars will fit into your Century. However, the weld mountings on the floor pans may be in different locations. If you had a senior class ie. Super or RM, the same would hold for getting seats out of a 62 series Cadillac as the Model 62 Cadillac for 57 had the same central main body as that of the senior Buicks. - hope this helps out.
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    There were no Chevrolet or Pontiac B body cars in 1957: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GM_B_platform
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    I believe you will find that 57 Buick and Oldsmobile share the same bodies. Not sure about the mounting but believe the seats/cushions dimensionaly are the same for all series (88, Super 88 and 98) of Oldsmobile’s and the smaller series (Specials/Centuries) Buick’s. The rear seat and seat back has different springs in a two door vs four door. Obviously the coverings/upholster was different depending on the trim level of the car and Olds vs Buick.
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