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    Pulled the pin and got a 5.3/4L60 combo for the 66 Special. Of the few guys here that have gone this route did you use the factory frame stands, or swap over to the chevelle sbc type? My car currently has a 300/300 in it and I was wondering if the holley type slide mounts will work. Thanks, Bill
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    You will have to change to the Chevrolet style frame perches, if those work with an LS engine. I have a pair from when I had a SBC (305) engine in my Buick.
  3. nekkidhillbilly

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    you will need sbc and the ls adapter plates.
  4. Bygblok

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    I kinda figured as much. The new ones are pretty easy to get anymore since it's a chevelle piece. I'm just dreading having to get those bolts out of the K-member! Maybe I should hold out on my front suspension change until I'm ready for the motor swap. LCA's will be out so it would be easier. Thanks, Bill
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