494 Stroker For Sale

Discussion in 'Parts for sale' started by bostongsx, Jan 21, 2009.

  1. bostongsx

    bostongsx Platinum Level Contributor

    Offset Ground Crank, Howard Rods, Venolia Pistons with valve reliefs, Ati balancer, and flexplate. Came out of a good running engine, went bigger (525). You can vary the compression of this combo greatly with the different cometic gaskets available. 1200.00
  2. 340 to 455

    340 to 455 Paul

    Standard bore?
  3. Kingfish

    Kingfish Well-Known Member


    if it is a 494 cube then the bore is .038 over, 4.15 stroke offset ground factory crank.

  4. greatscat

    greatscat Well-Known Member

    Herb,thats a heck of a deal,the pistons alone are almost $1200.??
    by the way I'm going to make a trip to Finishline shortly, so certain items will be packed up.
  5. Martian

    Martian Well-Known Member

    Herb, please put me in line. Couple of questions; What length are the rods c to c and how much life remains in them? What would the shipping cost be to 76664? Thanks! Jay
  6. bostongsx

    bostongsx Platinum Level Contributor

    There are approximately 70 passes on the assembly. If your machine shop has an issue with any of the parts I will refund your money in full upon return of the parts. I will split the shipping should be around 100.
  7. Martian

    Martian Well-Known Member

    Thanks Herb, a few more questions; Is the rotating assembly internally or externally balanced? Does the balancer fit tight on the crank snout? Thanks again. Jay
  8. northcorner

    northcorner Guess what I'm thinking..

  9. butch pruitt

    butch pruitt Active Member

    Hi Put me in line I will take it.Thanks Butch
  10. RG67BEAST

    RG67BEAST Platinum Level Contributor

    Put me in line. PM sent.
  11. Dubuick

    Dubuick CMDR Racer

    Put me in line to I can pick it up......
  12. bostongsx

    bostongsx Platinum Level Contributor

    Here are some pics of the rods, pistons, and balancer. The only issue I am having now is locating the flexplate, so I will have to sell the package without it. If I do run across it I will send it to the buyer. Also the rods have arp hardware, it appears to be an external balance damper, and the rods appear to be about 6.75 center to center (hard to measure with the pistons hung and a tape measure).

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  13. bostongsx

    bostongsx Platinum Level Contributor

    Jays up first then Butch.

    Let me know
  14. bostongsx

    bostongsx Platinum Level Contributor

    Martian let me know if your in or out other people are waiting if you are going to pass on it.
  15. Martian

    Martian Well-Known Member

    Herb, after due consideration, I've decided to take it. Please pm me with details concerning payment method and destination. Thanks for your patience! Jay
  16. bostongsx

    bostongsx Platinum Level Contributor

    Ok Jay thanks for getting back to me.
  17. wideopenthrotle

    wideopenthrotle wideopenthrotle

    Put me in line if they are still around?:Do No:
  18. Dubuick

    Dubuick CMDR Racer

    Still interested........:TU:

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