455 parts and 455 Regal project car $2000

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    Have this posted in the v8 regal section now has new price, pics are still over there

    Making a package deal and sending it all down the road at once. I know the regal crowd is sort of a build your own ride bunch, but figured that this would be an easy one to get back on the road.

    - '83 regal 55k orig miles, Poston Iron frame pads and new engine mounts, '73 455 with bad rod brg, 3.23 geared LS 7.5" rear, 15" ralleyes, bucket seat console for 3spd auto, slipping V6 Spec TH350C trans, little rust, black urethane body bushing kit new in box (energy suspension)

    - Extra '84 clip, '83 clip (not shown), front and rear bumpers
    - The 455 engine in my sig (minus the Poston intake)
    - 4 extra 455 engines '70 - '73 in model years
    - Set of '73 455 heads rebuilt to stock w/mild pocket port
    - 2 long shaft TH400 trannys
    - Poston 1 7/8" x 3.5" headers with 3" pipes leading to bullet mufflers and dumps by rear axle
    - Extra set of headlight surrounds for 84 clip and matching 84 limited tail light lenses
    - 3 stock flat hoods

    Price reduced, need to move!

    $2000 and will deliver for $1 a loaded mile a good distance from zip 54426

    Throwing in a 9 inch rear housing narrowed with mounts to fit g-body, 31 spline moser axles with new bearings installed, have a center carrier with stock ford 3.50 gears, had yet to order the spool or locker for it.
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    specs and list of engine parts

    73 block stock bore
    -head surfaces square decked and equalized side to side (.005" to .008" removed from either side)
    -line honed mains with arp main stud kit installed
    -grooved upper main journals around oil hole for 2 extra oiling holes through upper brg shell
    -federal main brg set (.002" oil clearance)
    -brass block frost/oil plug set
    -cam bores checked
    -TA dual groove cam brg set
    -good used stock 70 pistons (still have factory machining marks on skirts)
    -new set of stock piston rings (perfect circle)
    -resized 73 rods, polished beams, arp bolt kit
    -73 crank ground 10/10
    -federal rod brg set (.002" oil clearance)
    -rotating assembly balanced w/auto trans flexplate and stock balancer
    -TA 292-08 hydraulic camshaft duration 230/245 @ .050" lift
    -double roller timing chain (Cloyes true roller)
    -new stock oil pump kit
    -oil pump booster plate
    -new victor reinz full gasket set
    -tin valley pan/intake gasket
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    70 heads (w/o egr)
    -stainless stage 1 valves (2.125int / 1.75exh)
    -hardened exhaust seats installed
    -pocket port work to open area under new valve sizing
    -inside of runners massaged to clean up any roughness and/or casting shift
    -brass guide liners installed
    -top of guides clearanced for .550" lift cam
    -TA single valve springs (#1435)
    -stock keepers and retainers
    -.007" cut to head gasket surface
    -chambers measure 64cc without unshrouding around intake valves
    -intake heat crossovers blocked with frost plugs

    With assembly all mocked up, cc'd out to 9.8 to 1 CR which should be fine on 93 octane with a good cooling system and a conservative timing curve. Engine should have a moderately bumpy idle and emphasis on good midrange power. I had planned to use poston headers, but the engine would be happy with manifolds if needed, paired with 3.08/3.23 rears.

    GRNDNL Wannabe

    You gots a PM..............:TU:

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    sale pending to local buyer (coworker) for father/son project

    pm sent to GRNDL, next in line
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    CRICKET Well-Known Member

    local buyer having cash issues. backed out until summer
    all still avail. ttt

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