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Discussion in 'TA Performance' started by rommel, Dec 27, 2013.

  1. rommel

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    I bought an oil pump cover (part number TA 1512A) from you guys, and when I installed it on my engine, it leaked. I tried re-installing it twice using two new gaskets and two different types of sealant. It still leaked. So I cannibalized the pump cover from my parts car and no more leaks. Clearly, the part I received from you was defective. I called your tech support line and all they wanted to do was argue with me. They simply couldn't believe that the part was faulty, in spite of the fact that a stock cover worked (and is still working, no more leaks thank you). They asked if I had modified it. No, I didn't modify it. I painted it to match the engine. They tried to claim that I modified it. If painting it is modifying it, then they all came modified (painted) from the factory. When I wouldn't allow them to argue me to death, They said they would have a supervisor call me. This was January 2013 and it is now the end of December 2013 and I have yet to hear from anyone from TA Performance. I don't have a problem with getting a bad part. Nobody is perfect, but I do have a serious problem with a supposedly reputable company not standing behind their product and then ignoring me for months on end hoping I'll get tired and go away. I won't go away until I get my 60 dollars or a serviceable replacement. I think that's only fair. I gave you folks good money, I deserve a good part. I welcome a response (any response) with regards to this problem. Thank You.
  2. Michael Evans

    Michael Evans a new project


    Where on this part was/is the oil leaking from?

    Is there a part number cast on the part?
  3. rommel

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    To the best of my recollection, it was leaking at the mounting surface (the split between the cover and the timing cover, whee the gasket goes). There is a number cast on the area where the pressure relief spring goes, it is 25524990. Thank you for your reply.
  4. hugger

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    Always a good idea to file or block sand both surfaces before assembly
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  5. rommel

    rommel Member

    If that were the case, then why were there no instructions with the part indicating that this should be done?
  6. Michael Evans

    Michael Evans a new project

    How did this Pump Cover position the oil filter?

    Looking for one that points the filter as forward as possible.

    Have any pictures?
  7. rommel

    rommel Member

    As a matter of fact, This cover did reposition the filter to a different angle. If I recall, it put the filter right up against the lower radiator hose. Do you represent TA Performance? I was hoping someone from TA Performance would (finally) address this issue for me.
  8. Michael Evans

    Michael Evans a new project

    I do not represent TA, but I have bought many things from them.

    I was going to look into buying this from you if it was different from mine. I am thinking the cover I have is going to put the filter to close to the frame.

    The System One filter I have is six and 1/4 inches long.
  9. rommel

    rommel Member

    I appreciate your idea, but as far as I can tell, the part is no good. If it won't seal for me, how do you know it will seal for you? You say you've bought many parts from them. Have they ever stiffed you the way they've stiffed me? And the part about this mess that really bothers me the most is that they are the best supplier for Buick parts. I really like my boattail Riviera, but if I can't get something as simple (and necessary) as an oil pump cover that works correctly, then maybe it's time to sell the car and both parts cars and all the other gear I have and say to hell with it. I would hate to do it, but without a functioning engine, it's just a 5000 lb. shiny lawn ornament.
  10. Steve Craig

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    I had a tremendous oil leak when I put the front cover back on my '71 350 4-5 years ago.. Engine was completely rebuilt. The only internal parts re-used were the block, crank & connecting rods.Timing cover, pulleys, oil pump housing etc. were all repainted.Clearances checked and adjusted with the gaskets/shims sent with the new oil pump gears. Looked really nice until it ran about 5 minutes.
    Oil coming out of the oil pump area like a Spring flood.
    Turns out the clearances were spot on. The mating surfaces were true.
    A wee bit of engine paint at the edge of the oil pump housing was enough to make a difference. Thin as it was, it had a thickness that could be measured.
    Cleaned it up & re-installed. Oil leak resolved.
  11. rommel

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    If I've learned anything in 35 years as a mechanic, I've learned that ANYTHING can happen, ANYTIME. No matter how unlikely it may be. Thank you for the tip. I will check into this.

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