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Discussion in ''Da Nailhead' started by RJBT, Dec 19, 2010.

  1. Bad Boattail

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    If I remember right, you introduced yourself on V8Buick with a model year 1960 Invicta convertible, what happened to that car ?

  2. RJBT

    RJBT Well-Known Member

    That car is still somewhere in the French countryside ... rotting away... stuck due to a dispute between it owner and the owner of the barn (who was never paid for storing it).
    I tried to get my hands on it but nothing has moved 9it actually soured up some more). I'm giving that one a rest for now.
    My Electra on the pother hand i'm rebuild piece by piece... Wish I had the invicta for parts though :)
  3. Bad Boattail

    Bad Boattail Guest

    You really gave me the impression that you were already the owner of that Invicta, so I posted it (together with the Electra) in this thread :Comp:

    Please feel free to post more photos of the Electra (or other French Buicks) in that thread :TU:

    Next week I will visit Vierzon, is that Invicta somewhere in that area ?
    Or somewhere along the line Mons-Paris-Vierzon ?

    I would love to take a few nice shots of the car in that setting [​IMG]
  4. RJBT

    RJBT Well-Known Member

    I did not mean to give the impression the car was mine. Sorry... I initially wanted to buy it though but ended up buying an Electra !
    Unfortunately the car is not in the area you are going to (its way in the north of France).

    Where are you located in Holland ?
  5. Bad Boattail

    Bad Boattail Guest

    Mons is a city in the far South of Belgium, so that's above the North of France, close to Lille.
    And I can travel back through Luxembourg, so it can't be really that far off from my route.
  6. RJBT

    RJBT Well-Known Member

    Sorry I looked up Vierzon only !!
    You coming down in a Buick ?
    I'll try to contact the people I know and see what is up with the car. Please dont get your hopes high as it may be gone (owner may have gotten it back or there was talk about the police impounding it) or they may not want anyone to come by (they have health issues and the car situation last year turned into a nightmare for them).
  7. 69GSCAL

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    You said the car had an electric fuel pump. Are you running a regulator with that pump? The mechanical pumps usually top out around 5-6psi and anything more than 7 can cause issues with the needle and seat assembly on the carb being forced open. That will end up fouling your plugs.
  8. RJBT

    RJBT Well-Known Member

    Darn ! No fuel regulator for me .... I got the car this way .....
    Anyway to check if the fuel pressure is fine (not too high) without a gauge ?
  9. doc

    doc Well-Known Member

    RJ,,,if you mount the electric pump back at the tank where it is supposed to go, by the time it gets the fuel up to the carb, the pressure will be just about right,,, about 4 to 6 psi.....:Brow: :laugh:
  10. RJBT

    RJBT Well-Known Member

    I like that solution...:idea2: Thanks Doc !!! :pp:pp:pp

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