4 wheel disc brake conversion lockup

Discussion in 'High Tech for Old Iron' started by BK455, Jan 5, 2019.

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    All of a sudden front brales are locked up and rear brakes slow me down but won't stop quick. I heard about hydro lock, and i also understand that a flake of rust can act like a check valve, but at anytime my front wheels will spin. The brake pedal presses down about two inches then hits a stone wall. The vacuum is not a problem. I can press the brake pedal then start the engine and the pedal drops another half inch. I want to tackle this down the shortest route. This is a four wheel disc brake conversion that was a kit i installed 4 years ago. Car was not drive too much during that time while still doing restoration. Any help here is well appreciated.
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    Worked correctly for 4 years?
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    So you have rear brakes only ? Crack a bleeder on front and see if you have pressure. If there is none crack the line before the hose and check, finally crack the line at the master. Possible problems are hose swelled shut, pressure valve blocking front circuit, bad cup in master cylinder, or water frozen in the line.

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