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Discussion in ''Da Nailhead' started by Century58, Aug 12, 2019.

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    Because of sometimes hard Starting i checked the Exhaust Valve. What i saw there didn‘t make me happy. The counterweight + shaft i could turn easily, but on the other site the shaft does not move and the Thermostat is lost.
    How could i fix that? Do i need this valve or should i remove it complete?
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    By exhaust valve do you mean the heat riser valve found on the right side exhaust manifold??? IF that's what your talking about the way we drive these older cars today it's not really needed. When they were new they had to operate every day. Rain, shine, ice, etc. The reason was to warm the manifold & carb. in adverse weather conditions to keep ice from building up on the throttle valves & maybe causing the accelerator to stick. I also believe that starting in '57 the intake manifold had holes under the carb. to warm the carb. even quicker in adverse weather conditions. IF the stainless steel plate is not there the exhaust eats up the aluminum carb. base & causes
    all shorts of other problems. Unless of course if you have a Rochester 4GC carb. you won't have that problem as the base is cast iron. I would just remove the valve completely & seal up the holes by plugging or welding.

    Tom T.
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  3. Century58

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    Thanks, yes thats what i mean. I have the 4 Carb Rochester. So i will remove it, because i think its closed all the time ;-)
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