3.55 in 2.78 rear end?

Discussion in 'Got gears?' started by skylark300, Sep 26, 2004.

  1. skylark300

    skylark300 Well-Known Member

    I want to put 3.55 gears in my 65 Skylark's rear-end :3gears: but I've seen ad's that say must use a 3 series carrier,where do I get 3 series carrier?
  2. projectman

    projectman Well-Known Member

    similar project

    Sounds like we are working on similar projects..
    Take a look around these stores websites


    Mind you, this ins't an endorsement of any of them, but they should help in your research. :Comp:

    I am leaning toward an Eaton posi. I've heard good things about them.
    The Eaton unit will fit the gears you are thinking about.

    As far as rears go, I am in the process of "upgrading" to an 8.5inch out of a 72 skylark. In my case, I'm doing it for the ratio options it offers. That and replacement parts availabilty. I picked up an open diff and Eldorado disc brakes. I'm still collecting the parts. When I get it all together I'll share what I learned with the group.

    But don't get me wrong, theres nothing wrong with the 8.2
    Let us know how you like the 3.55's :beer
  3. skylark300

    skylark300 Well-Known Member

    Do you just get carriers from different cars or?I really can't afford to get a posi right now as I'm putting most of my money into my engine but I may sacrifice something if I can change rear gears easy.Thanks for the info. I emailed the Gears are us company and asked them the same Q's.
  4. nickwhite

    nickwhite Platinum Level Contributor


    Hey Skylark 300
    Just to let you know that your heading in the right direction
    with 355 eaton posi/ 12bolt rear and 200r4 trans :3gears:
    My69 Skylark has this combination with my tiresd 350 sone to
    have a 455 stroker!!! :laugh: Perfect street/strip car. :Brow:

    Call Hoopers Rear End Echange 818 899-2515 speak to Anthony!!
    Tell him I sent you when your ready to do this!!

    Nick White
    69 Skylark 355/200r4
    72 LeSabre 342/200r4
    70 GS455 convert under construction :Brow:
  5. projectman

    projectman Well-Known Member

    spacer ring maybe?

    There are spacer rings for the other size rears that allow you to put 3 series gears in a 2 series carrier. Its a plate that goes between the ring gear and the carrier. But I don't know if they make one for the 8.2.

    Of course it will still be a open diff.. Open rears are wierd things, they send the power to the wheel thats spinning.
    Also, opinions vary on the spacer subject as to how durable the setup is.
    It would probably be ok for a little zippin' around in a street car. The guys that sell the stuff could probably answer that question better.

    Nick, its good to hear the combo works good. I'm going with 3.42.

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