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Discussion in 'Board Supporters' started by Jim Weise, Jan 1, 2018.

  1. How often is an update done?
  2. Jim Weise

    Jim Weise 1000+HP

    End of each month, I am behind on Febuary's update, was out of the office for a while here.. Will get it done asap.

  3. zethreal

    zethreal Member

    I know I'm really new to this site, but I read this & might have an idea. I was on another forum where they ran into the same issue. They opted to keep their "Buy / Sell" area, but if you sold more than a few things a year, you had to "buy" a sellers account. If you were an individual that sold a lot, they had one price point. If you were a small business, they had another and if you were a large company, they had an even higher one. I'm not sure if this is something the owners of the site would like to look into, but it's possible.

    I think the rates were something like $50 / $200 / $500 per year. You didn't have to pay to buy, only to sell.

    I haven't donated yet, but since I ended up buying the car I came here to ask about, I'll throw some money your way when I can. I'm not a huge fan of banner ads, but will whitelist the site in my adblocker as long as the ads don't do anything nasty.
  4. RPGators68GS400

    RPGators68GS400 RPGators

    Can some one give a link to the updated list, the list on page 1 never changes.
  5. Jim Weise

    Jim Weise 1000+HP

    The list is now updated..

    One thing, it looks like several of you clicked the wrong donate button, when giving to the Garrison relief fund. It all went to the same account, but is put is identified differently, depending on which button you used. Most of this happened early in February, right after Mike's fire, and when the donations were coming in hot and heavy, and I assumed that all activity, unless specifically noted otherwise, was for the Garrison relief fund.

    So if you don't see your name on this list, check the Garrison relief fund list in the bench.. and let me know if I need to move you.


  6. 71customConv

    71customConv Platinum Level Contributor

    Feb 9th I donated.

    Might have came through under Aimee.
    Last edited: Mar 14, 2018
  7. Jim Weise

    Jim Weise 1000+HP

    Thanks Matt, took care of that..

  8. Larry Gibson

    Larry Gibson Platinum Level Contributor

    Donated in early February but am not listed as a contributor. ???
  9. I think he is still working on it as my status hasn't changed either.
  10. Jim Weise

    Jim Weise 1000+HP

    Hi Larry.. got you taken care of, sorry about the delay, you donated the day before we started the Garrison fund deal, and the avalanches of paypals that came after that.. Kinda snowed me under up here trying to keep track of that thing, I neglected my normal V8 duties..

    Your all set.

    Took care of your status update Ken.

    Anyone else, just let me know..

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  11. Dan Gerber

    Dan Gerber Platinum Level Contributor

    Sorry to be a whiner Jim, but I don't see my name on the list. did I do something wrong?
  12. Jim Weise

    Jim Weise 1000+HP

    Not at all Dan, my bad.. I usually am pretty good about putting in the names of those who donate by check, right when I get them, but I dropped the ball on this one.. sorry about that..

  13. Storm1

    Storm1 Silver Level contributor

    Donation sent, whenever you get to it is fine.

    Thanks for keeping this great resource going!
  14. BrunoD

    BrunoD Looking for Fast Eddie

    I sent mine in February, I guess you misplaced my name.Bruno.
  15. Jim Weise

    Jim Weise 1000+HP

    Hi Bruno,

    Sorry I missed adding you to the list for this year. I got a bit snowed under by all the Mike Garrison stuff here right around that time, and did not do a good job keeping up with my normal V8 guys.. I will do better moving forward.

    Thanks again for your continued support, your one of the our cornerstone supporters, and have been for many years.

    I added your name.

  16. GearDown767

    GearDown767 Ole Bluer

    I'm new to this forum but have quickly gotten comfortable with the well designed forum and the way things work. I was recruited to come on over and
    check things out (Larry70GS) while using the Buick Owners Forum. I'm glad I did, because this is a great bunch of guys who are very knowledgeable
    about our beloved Buicks, very generous with ideas and suggestions (as well as unneeded parts...thank you Demolition Man!) and just plain friendly.
    Thank you Jim for keeping this ship together and I'll keep making the donations....ads or no ads!

    PS....I may have missed it, but have we ever considered making available for sale...
    1. 4" round "V8 Buick.com" window decals/stickers
    2. various colors baseball hats with same
    3. various colors logo T-shirts with same

    Just a thought, I know I'd buy a bunch though!:cool:
  17. Bill's Auto Works

    Bill's Auto Works QUALITY AT ITS BEST!

    Made my donation for this year today. I find myself spending more & more time here reading. Plus I have gleaned some transport business
    from here as well which allows me to meet some of the members in person! Great site with not a lot of drama. I used to be on a Mopar site
    where the owner took bribes to delete all negative posts by customers of a "bottom of the barrel" transporter!

    God bless
    Bill Squires(owner)
    Bill's Auto Works
  18. Jim Weise

    Jim Weise 1000+HP

    Thank you Bill... And Dave, yes we did do merchandising for a while, and I am sure we will get back to it again.

    We are now gearing up to start offering the banner ads, many of you have seen the one for Tri-Shield, that ran a few months ago, and was just put back up.. that is the kind of un-obtrusive advertising we are talking about here. I stop going to websites when they have too much advertsing, so you can be sure that won't happen here.
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  19. sriley531

    sriley531 Big green hunk of $#*^....

    I still haven't seen an ad on the mobile version.

    As I said previously, I'm not to keen on ads. BUT you have a sound reason for doing it. If these paid advertisers could potentially help spawn an event, I'm all for it, that's a fair sacrifice IMO. Either way, werewvery fortunate to have this sight and the folks running it do a great job, so it wouldn't deter me either way.

    And I just noticed I haven't sent in my little bit for the year, so donation incoming.

    As far as v8buick gear, I have a few shirts from the last run, but they are getting a bit long in the tooth. I'd be all for some new ones!
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  20. sriley531

    sriley531 Big green hunk of $#*^....

    Spotted the new ads for the first time today Jim. Trishield Performance and Kenny Betts Racing. On mobile, they're about like another banner, not really intrusive much at all. :)

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