1985 LeSabre Bolt pattern

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  1. rdirks

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    Car is put away and I’m too lazy to go out in the cold and measure. Does the 85 LeSabre have 5x5 or 5x4.75?
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  4. rdirks

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  5. rdirks

    rdirks Well-Known Member

  6. newmexguy

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    It could? be either. Most B body BOP 77-85 cars have seen in the yards have been 5 x 5. But not all of them.
  7. flynbuick

    flynbuick Super Moderator Staff Member

    85 is a changeover year. To be sure measure your wheels as described in the article I posted.
  8. sbrmd

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    In that era, cars with certain other equipment got 5 x 5, while the masses got 5 x 4.75. In the 77-79 timeframe, the optional bigger engine and/or THM 400 cars, and possibly cars with posi got 5 x 5, eg Electra w/403, LeSabre Sport Coupe, Estate Wagon. Getting into the 307 Olds/THM200R4 era, don't know exactly what triggered the 5 x 5, but certainly Estate Wagons always got them, right up through 1996. Maybe if you ordered a posi? Trailering package?
  9. rdirks

    rdirks Well-Known Member

    Ok - got my lazy a## out into the garage. This car is an 85 coupe with the 307, it does have a factory 8.5 inch limited slip (2.73) , but it is 5 x 4.75
    Thanks fellas.

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