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    I am selling my 1981 Corvette. It has one repaint in the original black over black interior. L81 350 with 350 trans. Mirror T Tops. Car is not perfect but is in very good shape. Runs and drives excellent with none of the usual rattles from these cars. It shows 55,000 miles and I do not see anything to tell me that this is not actual mileage. It has been in my family for about 7 years. Located in North Houston. Asking $10,500.

    More pictures on my phone and can text or email them upon request.

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    Damn. Wish I had my 55 sold. A 78 up C3 is my next car but the old Buick has to go first. I'm working on it.
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    It’s apparent that the 78 to 82s are coming up in value quickly. Here in the Northwest there are quite a few for sale.Full option L-82 4 spd are the hottest. Still reasonable prices for now........
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