1981 century estate wagon

Discussion in 'Drag'n Wagons' started by ohioscott, Jan 1, 2011.

  1. ohioscott

    ohioscott Well-Known Member

    whats the deal with these as far as engine,rear end swaps what fits and what does not.It has a 6 in it now will the 350 or 455 fit?and what about rear end is it the same 8.5 10 bolt
    thanks scott
  2. monkeyy337

    monkeyy337 monkeyy337

    They did not come with the 8.5 rear end (only a 7.5) but the 8.5 out of another "G" body such as a Grand National is a direct bolt in. As far as the engine swaps, it has been said on this site that the 350 Buick will bolt up to the V6 mounts and most if not all accessories off the V6 engine will bolt on to the 350. A 455 will also fit but motor mounts as well as other stuff will have to be changed.
  3. ohioscott

    ohioscott Well-Known Member

    thanks,i found one thats decent but not sure how much i am into another project
  4. rmstg2

    rmstg2 Gold Level Contributor

    Scott I have been looking for one of those wagons. If you are not interested in it let me know where it is.:Brow:

    Bob H.
  5. ohioscott

    ohioscott Well-Known Member

    just bought it.very clean car.mechanics are in need of some help though.Do you have one now?
  6. rmstg2

    rmstg2 Gold Level Contributor

    No I don't have one. I have watching CL but so far nothing close to me or in SoCal. Something should turn up sooner or later,:TU:

    Bob H.
  7. bammax

    bammax Well-Known Member

    I know of a roughly 1980 Cutlass Saloon for sale up this way. No Century Estates though.
  8. No Lift

    No Lift Platinum Level Contributor

    I spotted this one on CL months ago. Very tempting but I'm really looking for a good tow wagon such as a Roadmaster. I almost stopped in to see it when I went down to the GS Nats in Bowling Green back in October but I didn't have time. It is just north of Nashville.

    Looks like they would be open to an offer and it could be worth the shipping charges.

  9. rmstg2

    rmstg2 Gold Level Contributor

    Nice one I just wish it was closer.

    Bob H
  10. COSportwagon

    COSportwagon Member

    My folks had a 1978 Chevy Malibu wagon like that Century when I was growing up. Had a 305 in it I think..

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