1978 Regal 455 at the track.

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    This is my buddy Charlie's 1978 Regal with a nicely setup 455 in it. I thought I'd post the videos to get the juices going for all the BBB Regal fans. These runs were at the East Coast Buick Regional at Cecil Count back in September in what turned out to be pretty mediocre air. He has actually gone 11.10's on a good day at Beaver Springs which usually would be noticeably slower than Cecil County.



    It has a 455 that was built by Tom "Wildcat" Wagner. 10.5:1 Spherical Dish pistons, TA 290-08HL cam, Gessler worked over TA Stage 1 heads, SP1 intake, 1000 HP carb, headers, 3" exhaust, good converter, and 3.73 gears. It is completely street driven with no problem.

    He's 75 and that is him driving it but he has decided to sell it. A real good deal for somebody in the market for a good looking fast Regal:


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