1977 Skylark S/R

Discussion in 'The "X" bodies' started by notanova, Mar 12, 2015.

  1. notanova

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    Thank you, both of you, for the great tips!

    About the crazy carburetor...I kinda rebuilt it for practice, and then we had that spreadbore intake laying around and I said why not..I almost took up Holley's holiday sale deals to get a smaller squarebore & adapter, but I decided against spending the money. reason being is that I'm selling the car now, don't want to, but I need to cut myself down to at most two cars total, just have too many right now!

    Haven't had much of the intake backfiring, I don't know if that's because I let it completely warm up before driving or if I'm used to being easy on dead-stop acceleration, but it hasn't been misbehaving. It's up for sale, have it on a couple craigslist areas and that's about it. No one on ebay wants it (aside from one person offering to make a steering wheel trade).

    In any case, yeah, I'd love to take the covers off and adjust my rockers, install a smaller carburetor and start driving it every day. I might take it to my Friday class sometime and at least adjust the rockers, but I can't justify making it my daily with gas priced the way it is today. Thanks again for your advice, tips and tricks! I at least learned from you all! I really appreciate it
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    Hello! I saw your post and wondered if you kept this car and fixed it up as planned? My main question was if you knew what the colors are in the interior. My father is handing his 75 skylark s/r down to me and she's in need of a complete resto. I am just having trouble figuring out what the name of the color on the dash and door panels is. Thanks!


  3. notanova

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    The time to reply has long since passed, but I thought I'd take the time anyways. I ended up selling the car for a thousand bucks so I could move out of state, wish I still had it. Sorry I can't help you with the name of the colors on the dash and door panels. Did you have any luck? I only replaced the floor carpeting but even that I can't remember the name of. Found it on Rockauto though of course.

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