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Discussion in 'The "X" bodies' started by CarolinaKid'74, Jul 26, 2013.

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    hey yall, this is my first post up here so i wanna just get the ball rolling, my dad and i bought this project car down in georgia for the not so good price if 3000, knowing what i know now i wouldnt have paid 800 bucks for it lol:Smarty: long story short he and i found out a lot about the car that either wont suppose to be there or wont done properly and it was up to me to fix it, with a little help lol so far we had the motor and trans taken out and got the motor rebuilt, just a 350 small block chevy, with a 350 turbo hooked up, got the car to our first show (went there with open headers, almost got thrown out) lol the 350 has got timing gears, MSD ignition box, aftermarket cam and lifters, 4bbl carb and a couple other goodies, got the roll cage in, and lift shakles in the rear (for now) to give daddy that 70's nose dive he wants lol all in all after 2 years of having it and spending thousands of dallors, she's still in the garage with not one pass out on the drag strip yet (tranny wont get outta first) so were looking at doing the 455 buick swap and hope to her rolling again. tried to add as many pictures as i could of the build so far, lemme know what yall think and any tips on the engine swap, anything will be greatlly appreciated, i just wanna get her on the road and start driving her and having some fun lol will post more pics when i can, and hope to get that BBB asap:pray:

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    looking forward to following your progress, please keep us posted with plenty of pictures. as far as tips... I hear that putting a 455 in those Apollo's are tricky because of header clearance, but it can be done (I think) there are a few guys in this forum who have done it, shoot them some pm's. good luck!

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